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Published: July 12, 2013

I've Been Adopted!Jeannie3

Age: 3-4

Gender: Female

UPDATE - 23 JUNE 2014: We were happy to take Jeannie back when she needed fostering again.  Not only is she a lot of fun, she is a really gorgeous young dog with a healthy zest for life! She still has the same wonderful "doganality" that we remembered, and she's doing great here.

Jeannie really is a sweet and loving dog. She is one of four beagles in our home right now, and she gets along with our other dogs beautifully. It is nice that she has plenty of dog company when we are at work, as she has shown no separation anxiety at all. She eats well, plays well, sleeps well, and is fully house-trained. She loves your attention but doesn't demand it. Jeannie is also very obedient and a quick learner. She loves to run and play in our yard. We can only assume that her previous adoption didn't work out simply because Jeannie is not suited to living in an apartment. For that reason, we think that she would continue to thrive in a home with a yard and another dog.  Jeannie has a lot of love to bring to her forever home!

20 APRIL 2014: Jeannie is a sweet but shy gal who is looking for a new place to call home. She was adopted from BREW last autumn, but her family recently made the difficult decision to return her to BREW due to severe separation anxiety. She would likely do best with a foster home and, ultimately, a forever home that includes another dog. Jeannie would likely also benefit from a household with at least one person home during most the day.

31 AUGUST 2013: Jeannie was very shy when she first got her but she warmed up quickly and is now very outgoing and friendly! She has become quite affectionate actually. She's got a lot going for her -she's young, beautiful and intelligent.  The other day, when we were out of the room, she carried her dog bed up onto the sofa and made herself very comfortable. Then she intently watched a TV program with us! Behavior-wise, Jeannie comes when called, is house-broken, likes dog toys, entertains herself, and gets along nicely with our other dog. She could use some more practice walking on the leash. And she is still skittish to sudden or loud noises. But overall, Jeannie is a young, good-looking, non-hyper beagle with a very pleasant "doganality"!

JULY 2013 UPDATE: Jeannie came to BREW from Halifax County where they determined her to be already spayed. She is about 2 years old and is a little longer than your average beagle. She has great ticking and ears! She is pretty shy/scared still and doesn't walk well on a lead unless there's another dog with her.

JULY 2013: I was pulled from a rural shelter at the very last minute and taken to BREW. I am a sweetie who's grateful for another chance at life-long happiness! Won't you be my Fairy Godparent?

7 Responses

  1. Debbie

    We are seriously looking to adopt. Jeannie seems almost perfect. We were turned down at another rescue because we were too far away. We live in NE Pennsylvania. Is that your area?

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Debbie, we are only limited to where we adopt by your willingness to drive to meet the beagle…and our ability to find a homecheck volunteer in your area. How far are you from Philly?

      • Debbie

        Thank you for answering my question. We are approximately a two hour drive north from Philly. Let me know what your thoughts are.

        • Christine

          Jeannie is being fostered with me in Frederick, Maryland. Once they find someone to do your home check, we can make arrangements for you to come down and meet her. Jeannie is a great girl!!

  2. Hi, is she going to be at the event this week? Were Interested in her. We have two dogs a lab and a blue heeler.

  3. Dorothy J Purcell

    My husband will kill me. We now have 2 dogs and he said since we are getting older we can only have 1 or 2 from now on. We recently put down our male beagle (huge guy). He was super intelligent.

    I just fell in love with her looks. We live in Chantilly. Is she anywhere close?

    • Laura w/ BREW


      She’s not in a foster home yet so we know almost nothing about her. She’s currently in boarding in Loudoun County. Are you previous adopters?

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