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Published: June 7, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 13 SEPTEMBER 2018 (from Jarvis' foster mom): Jarvis is a really sweet boy. He is a little on the chunky side with really soft fur and a really fluffy tail (which he loves to wag and show off! ;-). I think he would do well as an only dog because he seems to prefer to hang out with me rather than play with the other dogs. He has gotten along with most other dogs. He and Dewey did have a couple of little scuffles, but I think it was because they were jealous of my attention. (I could never tell which one was the instigator and it has not happened for a while.) He plays a little bit but is definitely not a rough and tumble non-stop ball of energy like Beauregard. He is a pretty mellow fella. He tends to pick up a toy and just walk around with it.

He walks well on a leash and is not a puller. We are still working on the house training. I think he would do well if he was back on scheduled walks. He is like my previous beagle Bandit, who used to like to pee several times on the walk as opposed to just one long pee in the back yard.

He is not food aggressive, but is food motivated. He is the only one of my four current dogs that eats out of a regular bowl because he eats relatively slowly. The other dogs all eat out of the maze type bowels that force them to eat more slowly.

For the first 2 weeks that I had him here, he refused to use the stairs (which was another obstacle with house training.) Now he uses the stairs like a lil’ champ but occasionally, I think he forgets that he can use the stairs and will sometimes whine on one floor if the rest of us are on another. He does get up on some furniture, but only furniture that is not too high. He will jump up on my sofas, but sometimes misses.

UPDATE - 18 AUGUST 2018: Jarvis was able to join us for his first adoption event today. He is a very sweet boy who got along with everyone!  He has a fatty tumor on one side of his chest, but this is just a benign lipoma that doesn't seem to bother him at all. Jarvis was not adopted today, but he did head off to his first foster home after the event. Stay tuned as we see how Jarvis does as he settles into life as a house dog.

NEW - 8 JUNE 2018: Jarvis is a 5-year-old beagle mix who is a healthy 29 pounds. He had been on the same truck with Yondu looking for a place to go. He’s also very friendly and gets along well with other dogs. Little history is known. He is available for fostering or adoption.

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