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Published: September 5, 2013

I've Been Adopted! Jada_1 (2)

Age: 2-3 years

Gender: Female

NEW UPDATE - 2 JANUARY 2014: Jada is a sweet lovable girl!  After about 3 months with us, she is ready to have her own family.  She is still a bit shy around new people, but warms up quickly.  Jada is back to being an only-dog in our house and gets crated when we are out and at night.  She no longer whines about being in the crate and sleeps through the night.  She is very affectionate, but not a big kisser -- she’s a snuggler.  She gets along well with other dogs, and while she has not been around children much, we have no reason to think she would have problems with kids.  We do stuff to annoy her just for training (take away chew toys, wake her up, tickle her feet, etc.), and she never gets upset.

Jada has lots of energy and likes company.  She also is a climber -- can get herself over a picket fence if she wants to, but she rarely wants to anymore.  She is a beautiful little dog (23 lbs) who would be okay in an apartment if she got frequent walks.  She loves her walks and clearly thinks she is a skilled game tracker.

PREVIOUS UPDATE:  Jada has been with her foster family for about three weeks and has settled right in.  She is a sweet little girl who is still a bit timid around strangers.  She loves belly rubs and likes to cuddle up next to us on the couch, but has shown no interest in becoming a lap-dog even though the other beagle in the house likes to sit on laps.  It took a couple of weeks, but she now understands what dog toys are for and why she would want one.  She has never chewed on anything she shouldn’t, although in moments of excitement she has been known to mouth things or pick them up and carry them around – nothing damaged.

She is kind of a scaredy-cat when it comes to discipline.  We think she lived with someone who had only one method of training -- and it made her flinch and cower.  We have had good results using a squirt bottle to let her know what’s what.  She still is a bit confused about how to ask to go outside.  Her only accidents have been when her walks did not come on schedule.  She has never gone inside while we were away, only when were home and not paying close enough attention to whatever the sign is.  She seems to prefer to do her business on walks, but will go in the yard if necessary.

When Jada first arrived, she felt a great need to get out of the yard (we think that might have to do with her history).  We fortified our defenses a bit and lately, she seems more content to police the area, less intent on discovering new lands.  However, it is important to know that she can climb.  She reminded us of this skill by helping herself to food on the kitchen table when she was left alone and the chairs were not pushed in all the way.  We have been working on communicating  that tables and counters are out of bounds (see squirt bottle method above).

She has a lot of energy for playing and walking, but is also quite content to sleep for long periods.  She and her beagle roomie have free run of the downstairs in our house, so they are alone all night, usually on the couch or on their dog beds.  She had not been crated since her first week with us, and she doesn’t really like it.  She is not a big barker and definitely not a howler, but she does announce visitors and doorbells, and she will whine if crated.  She is nervous in the car, but we have not made many trips.  We think she will adjust with more experience.

She needs some training on leash – quite a puller when the scent is good.  She is sooooo excited by treats that training her with treats is next to impossible—we are working on using extra love and pets for a good “sit” or “stay”.   Treats for “come” is always a winner.

Jada is a beautiful little gal (about 23 lbs) who just wants love  … and walks and food.  She is easy to be around and likes other dogs.  It takes her a while to warm up to new people, but once she does, she is a charmer.  She will need a new family with patience to get her fully trained, but boy is she worth it.  She is a doll!

Jada is a 2-3 yr old spayed female, fully vetted.  She is very social, friendly, playful and gets along well with people and dogs.  She was a stray at Louisa Co. so her history is unknown.

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  1. Sharon Bonner

    What size (height/weight) is Jada?

    • ErinS

      Hi, again, Sharon – I recall that Jada was a similar size to Remy or a little smaller (25 lbs-ish).

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