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Published: June 12, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 12 AUGUST 2018:  Jacob is a sweet dog but can also be super stubborn! When he wants to be inside he really wants to be inside, same for outside. He is getting better about going out when we want him to – like after meals and before bed, but getting him in from the yard when he is smelling stuff? Well forget about it. Like the initial post said, he can spend forever smelling around one spot. And he will sometimes let you know he has found a scent.

But he will also stick with me as I move around the house. He is just a big love. At 53 pounds there is a lot of him to love. He is great with the other dogs in the house and welcomes the new ones that come in – hoping for a playmate. Jacob loves to play and the fosters that were playful didn’t stick around long, which made him sad. Even though he is a big boy, he did really well playing with the small beagles. And the cats like him – one was even grooming him yesterday.

Jacob is protective of food. He doesn’t go after the other dog’s food, but when I’m fixing their meal, he stands by me and barks at the others and tries to get them away from the counter. When he finishes, he is good and doesn’t try taking food from the others. And when I pass out cookies he patiently waits for his turn and takes the cookie gently. We’re working on getting him comfortable with the fact that he will get his meal along with everyone else and no one will take his.

UPDATE - 29 JULY 2018 (from his Jacob's foster mom): My heart breaks for poor Jacob. His brother Jackson was adopted at the July adoption day and he came home with me as a foster. I also had little Sasha who came home with me to wait for her new mom to pick her up. Jacob and little Sasha hit it off (see Facebook video). He just loves to play. Since Sasha left for her new forever home, Jacob has tried desperately to get one of the other dogs to play with no luck. He is so desperate he has even tried bows and pops with the CATS! Now that Colt has arrived he is working on teaching him how to play – he seems to be having some luck. He really is a sweet, easy going boy. Jacob prefers inside to outside; though when we get him out he does like to explore and even lets us know when he has found a scent.

This is too funny! BREW beagles tiny Sasha and bruiser Jacob came home with me from adoption day. Sasha to wait for her new mom to pick her up and Jacob as a foster. They’ve really taken to each other!

Posted by Beagle Rescue, Education, and Welfare (BREW), Inc. on Saturday, July 21, 2018

NEW - 12 JUNE 2018: Jackson and Jacob are 2-year-old neutered male beagle bassets. They were owner give ups to the Rockingham-Harrisonburg SPCA in Virginia. Jackson and Jacob were surrendered by their owners because they were moving. They are siblings that were purchased together. They are both very stubborn on the leash but one will keep up with the other once he gets a little forward momentum going. They will stop together for an hour to smell a blade of grass. They both met other dogs and got along fine. Appropriate greeting, sniffed and let the other sniff and return, then did puppy bows and play pops. They love playing with toys and wrestling with each other. Their basic personality can be described in just a couple words (friendly/playful, laid back, timid . . .) Stubborn, inquisitive, clueless, sniffy, cautious. They became really playful with each other when we threw a squeaky toy in the mix.

The previous owner said that Jackson and Jacob have not been around young children or cats, but they did live with some rabbits, who were kept in a cage. They have never tried to bite anyone. They are house trained and crate trained but may need a refresher in a new home. The previous owner also mentioned that the boys can be a little noisy at times.

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