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Published: December 2, 2017

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 15 DECEMBER 2017: Jack has been neutered and is now available for adoption. According to his new foster mom, he crates well and is quiet in the crate. He has marked a few times, but they are working on that. His foster mom says Jack is a happy boy and his little nub of a tail is always wagging!

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS: Jack was originally surrendered to the Green County Animal Shelter in Virginia because there was a tragedy in the family that forced them to move into an apartment that didn’t allow dogs. Jack is a Jack Russell/beagle mix who is 3-4 years old. He’s very sweet. His previous owner said he is housebroken (he might need a refresher in a new home), and good with kids and other animals. Jack is now with BREW and will be available soon.


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  1. Is Jack still available for adoption? We were interested in him, but he got transferred from greene county before we could get there to meet him. Is he crate trained?
    How much does Jack weigh? Where is he located?

    • Janet

      Yes, Jack is still available, at least as of today. He has not yet been fostered by BREW (he is currently being cared for at a private kennel), so we only have the initial information provided by Greene County. If you are interested in Jack, please fill out our application at http://www.brewbeagles.org/brew-adoption-process/adoption-application/. Once we receive your application and application fee (use Paypal), we can talk to you more specifically about Jack’s status and arrange a meeting. I know there is at least one other applicant interested in Jack.

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