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Published: December 31, 2011


Age: 2ish

Gender: Female

Inbox is so cute and is making herself right at home.  She is such a tiny little bit  and I am calling her "Bitsy."

She loves to steal Buster's favorite toy and get him to chase her.

We are working on her housetraining.  She really hates to go outside in the rain and dark and always wants me to go out with her.  She will potty on a leash so that's great news!

She barks at 4 times:

  • When my other beagles initiate it.
  • When one of the others has her toy.
  • When I'm not making the food fast enough for her
  • When she feels like it.

She has a soft bark and is not annoying with it. I think she's trying to boss me around with her "Hurry up, I'm hungry" bark.She makes me laugh with her silliness.  She loves people and other dogs and greets both with great joy.  She has lots of personality and will bring me toys to play with when my couch potatoes won't pay any attention to her.

She still likes for me to be close and seldom is outside for long periods.  She wants to be curled up next to me when we start the night, however, she will scoot away a little when she is ready to sleep for the night.

I think she will fit into almost any  home.  She would be okay as and only dog, but does well with others.  She likes people, but like I said, she stays close to me.  She is just a happy, loving little dog, who could use a loving permanent home.






9 Responses

  1. Beth Palsha

    What a perfect match for us!

    • Laura w/ BREW


  2. Beth Palsha

    We can’ t wait to meet Inbox!

  3. Beth Palsha

    If she is still available and if you think it would be a good match for another BREW beagle who we already have in our home, we are also interested.

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Beth, I will send you Inbox’s foster info.

  4. Taylor

    Hi, I’m interested in adopting Inbox. Thanks, Taylor

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Taylor, thank you for your interest in adopting one of our beagles. To begin the approval process, please submit an adoption application on our website. Thanks.

  5. I am interested in fostering Inbox…

    • Laura w/ BREW

      I have emailed, Ms. Krajec. Thanks!


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