In Loving Memory – Lola

Published: December 13, 2015


We lost Lola on Friday, December 11, 2015.  Lola was our first BREW Beagle, and in fact our first Beagle.  She joined our family when Wade wanted a dog like Snoopy for his birthday in May, 2007.   Her loving nature and personality convinced us to get another Beagle (we kept going until we had four).  As we added more Beagles to our family, Lola (or as we called her, Lola-Belle) was always the Alphadog, having to be in front no matter what we were doing.   Anytime we went out for a walk, as soon as we left the house, she would pull us towards the car.  She loved to ride in the car, and would quickly head for the front seat or the lap of anyone in the front, where she would look out the window, panting with excitement.  She also loved walking in the woods, and when we went to Prince William Forest Park, Leesylvania State Park, Occoquan Regional Park, or anywhere else where she could be on unpaved ground, she would pull us along with joy, stopping only to bark at any other living creatures we passed. She got along well with our other dogs (unless they got near her food) and when we adopted Flo we found out that Lola had a nurturing, protective side to her.

We’ll miss you, Lola.  Thank you for showing us that there’s something about a Beagle.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your loss of Lola. Such a sad time losing your 4 legged child.. Having four beagles, I am sure you have many, many wonderful memories. She has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and probably playing with other beagles having fun and following their noses. Prayers to all of you. Your other beagles will probably miss Lola also!

    • We are on our 4 & 5 beagles. We lost a beagle girl in April, then adopted a one year old in July and a 2 yr old male, last month. Love the BREW beagles. Love BREW Beagles!

  2. What an amazing tribute to Lola. She was such a special beagle girl. I too have that first beagle that will likely keep me from rescuing beagles in a the future. I know Lola will never leave your heart. I’m so sorry, she was beautiful.

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