Age: 3 Years Gender: Male
adultHigh EnergymaleMediumPrefers no kidsshy
Published: April 23, 2017

I've Been Adopted!

Hunter is NOT available for adoption from BREW. Please contact Susan at if you would like to learn more about Hunter!

Hunter is a 3 year old, 25 pound, neutered beagle mix.  Despite his hard start in life (where he was kept in a crate and muzzled for his entire 3 years of life), he is very affectionate.  He can be leary of strangers, especially men at first but quickly warms up.  He is energetic and loves to run so a fenced yard would be preferable. He loves to be near you and snuggle and loves car rides.  He is fine with most dogs, definitely would be okay with female dogs.  Given his rough history, probably a family without young children would be best.  He is housebroken and uses a doggy door in his current foster home and would would make a great companion for a person or family.

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