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Published: March 3, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 12 MAY 2018: Hunter sure is a doll. While he still loves his tennis balls, he isn’t quite as protective as he was at first. I guess he knows now that he can always find some. He likes to gather them together – particularly in our bed. Hunter isn’t big enough to jump up onto the bed but he’s figured a way around that. He steps on the bed frame by the nightstand and then pushes his back against the nightstand to leverage himself up and onto the bed. It really is cute – and clever. On top of his being clever, he is also a cuddler and kisser. He really is a joy to have around. A true beagle, Hunter loves his food but he isn’t food aggressive. Hunter hasn’t been destructive – no lost shoes or remotes!

UPDATE - 10 APRIL 2018: We may have to add a condition to Hunter's adoption contract to keep him supplied with tennis balls. He LOVES them. I have provided him with 12 Kong squeaky tennis balls. Hunter really tries hard to get two balls into his mouth at once - he couldn't manage it with the medium size, so I got him the small size. By sheer luck he has managed to pick up two of the small ones at once. Funny boy. He walks around with one in his mouth and when offered a cookie he has a real dilemma on his paws. Hunter will hunt all over the house for the tennis balls and put them together in a collection. He is rather protective of them - he isn't good at sharing. The other dogs deal with this well, but the cats are not to be happy to be warned away.  And, maybe this is burying the lead, he plays fetch!  Rare is the beagle who plays fetch.

UPDATE - 25 MARCH 2018 (from his foster mom): Hunter is a little doll at only 20 pounds. His tail is always wagging and he gives sweet little kisses. And he loves all sorts of toys, but tennis balls do appear to be his favorite! From foster brother Preacher he learned the trick of going through the kitty door into the basement to hunt for kitty food. Hunter has a nice energy - neither high energy or a couch potato. He can be vocal when he wants something but is generally quiet. Hunter spends the night quietly in the kennel. He is food motivated, but not aggressive, and his meals disappear quickly. He plays with the other dogs and gets along well with them. And he and the cats are fine with each other. He is still working on his house training.

UPDATE - 17 MARCH 2018: Hunter went to his new foster home today, so stay tuned as we see how he does as a house dog. He was a noisy little guy during the transport but cute as a button and loved his tennis balls and attention.

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS: Hunter is a 6 year old male beagle boy. He’s a friendly little guy who loves tennis balls. It was cute to watch him try to get two in his mouth. He was a stray from Amelia County in Virginia, so his history is unknown. We are taking him to our vet to be checked out, and then he will be available for fostering or adoption.

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