Age: 1-2 Years Gender: Male
Published: August 10, 2018

Adoption Pending!

UPDATE - 4 OCTOBER 2018: Huey joined us for another adoption event, hoping to find his forever home. We have decided he would probably do best as an only dog (might be okay with a female). Huey seems to dislike some male dogs. He did great at the adoption day, but he got grumpy with a male dog when we tried to put him into a foster home. Huey is a cute little guy, so we are hoping someone with patience, no other dogs, and no young children might be willing to give him a chance at a new life.

UPDATE - 18 AUGUST 2018: Huey and his brother, Dewey, joined as at our adoption event today. He has quite a bit of energy and occasionally would spat with his brother (no other dogs, which was odd - just his brother). Otherwise, he seemed to enjoy himself at the adoption event and took many humans for a walk! Dewey was adopted, but Huey is still available for fostering or adoption.

NEW - 10 AUGUST 2018: Huey was found with Dewey and Louie wandering in the Monongahela National Forest near Parsons, West Virginia. The local shelter, who took care of their vetting, was desperate to find a rescue for these three beagle babies, so they are now with BREW. We think they might be related. Huey is 1-2 years old and weighs around 23 pounds. He is available for fostering or adoption.

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  1. Huey is seriously the cutest beagle ever! He reminds me a lot of our old beagle we lost. He seems like a very happy dog! How is he around other dogs? Say if he went to a dog park or a social event with other dogs and kids around?

    It is just a bit sad he is so far away. We live up near Allentown, PA and actively looking for a tricolor beagle (male) to adopt.

    • Janet

      Hi Rob – Thank you for your interest in Huey. He is a very cute and happy boy, and we would love to find him the right home. As the narrative says in his profile, he doesn’t get along with all dogs, so he would do best as an only dog. Right now he is being kenneled in a private kennel with other dogs, and he seems to be doing fine. I have asked the kennel manager for an update. If you are interested in possibly adopting any of our beagles, we need you to read through our policies and standards and then submit an application at Once we receive your application we will assign a volunteer to contact you directly.

  2. I am looking for a young 1-2 year old beagle. Huey looks cute! Where is he located?

    • Janet

      Hi Audrey – Thank you for your interest in Huey. He is currently located near Charlottesville, VA, and is waiting for a foster home to become available. If you are interested in finding out more about Huey or any of our beagles, please fill out an application so that a volunteer can get back to you directly. You can find our policies and application at:

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