Sponsor A Beagle

Would you like to help a particular beagle find its forever home? If you can't adopt and you can't foster, then consider sponsoring the beagle that touches your heart. You sponsorship can be a one time gift to help care for that beagle, or can be a monthly contribution to provide continuing care.

Each beagle that comes to BREW is brought current on shots, heartworm tested, spayed or neutered, dewormed, and microchipped. Sometimes they are kenneled for brief time until a foster home opens up.  Many dogs require additional vetting to get them healthy and ready for adoption; heartworm treatment alone costs $445, and total vetting costs average over $600 per beagle (as of January 2019). In addition, we must supply flea/tick and heartworm preventative, any continuing medication, and sometimes even food until that beagle is adopted.

However you look at it, this process of getting a beagle ready to be adopted isn't cheap. We exist solely on donations and adoption fees. Often the adoption fee doesn't begin to cover the costs of that one beagle. So, we're looking for sponsors. If you can help by sending a one time gift or a monthly contribution, you would be doing so much to help that one beagle learn what love and safety and warmth really are.

So, think about sponsoring. You can make a difference.

$10 - you'll get a beagle a vaccine for rabies, almost a day's worth of boarding, or a microchip

$25 - you'll pay for 2 days of boarding OR provide a beagle with distemper and a rabies shot OR get a heartworm test

$50 - you'll pay for part of a spay/neuter of a beagle or save two beagles from a shelter

$100 - you'll get a beagle all of his/her shots and spayed or neutered.