Foster a Beagle

Beagle Rescue Education and Welfare, Inc. (BREW) is a non-profit, tax- exempt, tax-deductible organization operated by volunteers dedicated to the welfare of the beagle breed. We rely on donations to support this organization. We do not operate a kennel or shelter. All of the dogs that BREW has available for adoption are kept in their own homes, a foster home or a kennel until they are adopted. It is for this reason that foster families are so very important to the work of rescue.

We strive to provide BREW beagles with a normal family situation in preparation for their adoption. Fostering is just another way of applying common sense and logic to help prepare the animal for its new permanent home. Fostering is a challenge but can actually be fun.

Fostering beagles is good for you too ! You will have a continuous source of unconditional love. You will discover a world of precious personalities. You'll feel really needed.

If you choose to foster, BREW will pay all of the expenses involved for medical care, routine or otherwise, and heartworm preventative.

And if all of that hasn't convinced you, then maybe this will. You'll be saving a life!

Why I foster

They may be seconds, but they're not irregulars.

If they could talk, they'd tell you some incredible stories. About their first home that just wasn't right for them. Or, how they became lost and were never found by their caretakers. Or how the hunter just left them in the woods. They'd tell you they need more love and affection than ever, their second time around. This is why I foster. And why I believe that adopting a rescued beagle is a far more rewarding experience than buying one from a breeder, or a pet store. A beagle who has been given up by his or her family or ended up as a stray needs a place to feel safe and secure, and to regain a sense of stability and security. By fostering, I can provide a beagle with a normal family situation, including all the basics - food, shelter, exercise, companionship, and of course, TLC. It is so satisfying to watch a beagle become the loving, trusting self-confident merry little hound he or she was meant to be. People often ask me how I can part with a beagle that I have fostered. The answer is simple, and not so simpleā€¦in rescue, we are a circle of people dedicated to finding lost dogs, making them whole, and finding loving homes for them. Each adopted rescue adds to that circle, which makes more room for fostering, and more room for rescue. Each beagle becomes a new teacher, each adopter becomes a new friend, and the circle continues to grow.

A Rewarding Experience

I think that all foster families will agree that it's extremely rewarding to provide foster care for a rescue beagle. As the foster family, you make all the difference in giving this dog a new life! Yes, there is no question that it's sometimes hard to let go, but don't won't be without one long! We'll give you an endless supply if you let us! And, should you become a "foster failure" like most and decide to adopt, you receive the benefit of first choice over any other in adopting your foster. But please understand that if you do adopt, we'd still need like for you to be able to foster for us - so please don't adopt beyond your capacity to help our rescue hounds! You are just tooooo valuable as a foster! : ) - and yes, we understand that you'll want them all!!

If you do decide to foster, keep in mind that this new temporary member of your family requires some time to adjust, as any new addition would. Please be committed to giving this needy animal at least a week with you before you decide it may not "fit" in your home. If problems do occur, though, we will always remain receptive and responsive to your requests.... these beagles have been around the block of life at least once, and they need stability and love above all. We can never express just how deeply we appreciate your commitment!

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