Hopie’s Happy Ending

Published: April 12, 2011

In April 2004, my daughter Katie and I adopted Hopie, an abused and severely neglected beagle who was then about 6 years old. Her BREW rescuer nursed her back to health over several weeks, and then sent her to a foster home. We found Hopie on the Internet and knew immediately that she was right for us. And how right we were!  Hopie is a joy for us, family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers.

She is a calm, quiet, loving beagle who prefers people to other animals and spends most of her time lounging in her bed or snooping around for food. Little kids in the neighborhood adore her because she doesn't jump, lick, or bite. She will nudge you with her nose to get you to pet her. That's all she needs (and a marrow bone now and then doesn't hurt either!) to keep her tail wagging. Recently I took Hopie to the vet because she was limping. Although the vet attributed the limp to a sore toe, which subsequently has healed, the x-ray revealed that Hopie's leg was full of shotgun pellets. The extent of the abuse she suffered and survived is astonishing.

We love Hopie so much and are glad to be able to provide her with a safe forever home. Thank you so much for allowing Hopie into our lives.

Andi Ceisler

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