Published: March 27, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Age: 1 year
Gender: Female

UPDATE: Honey was very shy at first when she got to my home. She wouldn' t even come out the crate. But within an hour she was all over me. At first she didn't eat very much, but within 3 days, she began eating normally. She has never marked or had an accident in my house since she has been here. She potties in the fenced-in yard, but has not pottied on the leash yet. She is definitely a lap dog and at a whopping 15 lbs, she is just the right size. She loves to give kisses, so look out! She is very shy with strangers on walks and in the house, so some patience is required. She is definitely worth it. She wants to give love and receive love! She plays with the toys and because she is still young will pick up the sock or padded hanger occasionally.

She's high energy -- except when she's a couch potato.

Here's Honey being oh-so-adorable at the adoption event on July 9th.

Honey is a beagle mix she only weighs about 15lbs. She is very friendly, good with other dogs but reserved with strangers. She was given up by her owners and taken to the Culpeper Animal Shelter.
From the adoption day on May 21--Honey has come a long, long way since being in her foster home. She literally ran into the room and greeted everyone by asking to sit on their laps. No more shaking little girl in the corner.

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  1. Eric

    She is cute, if she is still available I would love to have her join me and my wife in Ohio.

  2. Nicole B-G

    Awww, she is so precious!! Is she part chihuahua?

    • Laura

      Nicole, maybe? Are you thinking because of the pointy-ish snout?

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