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Published: July 5, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Gender: Male
Age: 6-8 months

11/7:  I’ve never met a happier dog than Hershey.  He just loves life.  Everything he does he does with gusto.  If one of the other dogs wants to play, he is there.  If he wants to play and no one else does, he plays by himself throwing whatever toy he has around and then catching or chasing it.  Fetch is even in his repertoire of games.

And if he isn’t playing, he is happy to cuddle.  He likes to sleep on the back of the couch with his head resting on my shoulder.  And in true beagle fashion, he loves his food and eats it very fast.   He is even picking up the trick (from my beagle no doubt) of resting his head on my knee and giving me please share with me eyes when I am eating something.

Hershey does hate the vacuum cleaner.  On or off, he hates them.  He howls at the vacuum if it is being pushed.  If left in place (off) he will ignore it.  He also doesn’t like other appliances with cords – if they are moving.  I took a humidifier out of a box this weekend and he howled at it.  One it was in place, he was fine.  He even howled at a heating pad.

He still is a bit skittish.  Very loud, abrupt or unfamiliar things can through him off.  But he gets better every day.

He is housetrained but otherwise still very much a puppy.  But he always makes us smile.  We’re working on the manners, but it can be hard to hold his attention.

7/29: Hershey is a trouble maker. He goes swimming and then comes to cuddle. He takes the scrunchie out of my hair and then comes back to look for more. He can’t seem to learn to read the newspaper without shredding it. He makes it hard to take a picture of him since he doesn’t stop moving. He has made me fall in love with him.

Hershey is a sweet and smart and playful. And still very much a puppy. It seems he hadn’t had the luxury of living in a house before, and some things still scare him. But he is smart and immediately followed the routines of the house and learned to use the doggy door just by following the other dogs. His manners do need work, but with all his energy it can be a challenge to get him to focus.

He loves to play, particularly with fellow Brew foster Howie. They have great games of chase, wrestling, and tug-o-war. Check out Howie and his buddy Hershey playing. Hershey appears first - he's the black and brown boy. Howie is the freckled dude!

When no one is in a mood for play he with toss a toy around by himself. And he does eventually wear himself out and will stop to cuddle and nap for a few minutes and occasionally longer.

In true beagle fashion, he loves his food. He isn’t much of a barker, but he does like to use his voice on occasion. Hershey is good on a leash.

He had a break to his front left leg that was left to heal on its own. The orthopedist said it should be fine, but that he should get glucosamine for life.

Original info: Hershey is a 6-8 mth old neutered male, very handsome, friendly and playful. He came to the shelter with Sunshine and was a stray in Louisa Co., VA so his history is unknown.

Sponsored By: Abby Malvestuto in honor of SEGA Beagle

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4 Responses

  1. Terri Fowler

    I have filed the application and paid with Paypal. I would really love to have the opportunity to give Hershey a good loving home. Is it possible to arrive early to be interviewed?

  2. Terri Fowler

    I would like to get information on Hershey.

    Where and what time is the Alexandria Adoption Day?

    What is the process?

    • Missy

      The adoption event is at the Petco from 12 to 4pm.

    • Laura

      Terri, If you’d like to apply to adopt Hershey, please fill out the adoption application on our website. We can interview you at the adoption event. It’s at the Petco on Rte 1 in Alexandria – south of the Krispy Kreme.

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