Happy to be Home

Published: April 13, 2011

We adopted 2 beagles at Beaglefest in Chicago, Il. last year.

We adopted Marcie (now 2 yrs. old), she was very shy at first. When she met her new owner our son, Joe, they became instant buddies.

Marcie has come a long way over the past year. She is very loving and a great joy to us.

We also adopted Hannah (Hannah-banana) who was just 8 weeks old. She will be having her first birthday March 18. It has been amazing to watch her grow. Marcie took on the big sister role with pride and honor. They are as close as "true" sister could be. We want to thank the Stivers family for fostering Marcie and bring her to beaglefest for us.

Thank you to Jessica who foster Hannah's mom and all her siblings. If it were not for these wonderful people opening their homes and lives to rescued beagles, the Nelson family would still be looking for the miss part of our family.

We thank God each day that we have Marcie and Hannah, for the Stivers and Jessica for the love they have for rescuing beagles in need. Thank also to BREW for all they do on behalf of beagles in need.

The Nelson family
(Raema, Chris, Joe, Cody, Marcie and Hannah)

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