Age: 7 Years Gender: Female
adultFemaleGood with dogsHousetrainedPotties on leashsmall
Published: August 23, 2016

I've Been Adopted!

20 AUGUST 2016: Greta the Goodwitch is looking for a home. If you know anyone interested in 17 pounds of loving, snuggling pure dog energy, check out Greta. Housetrained! Olympic quality gymnastics (she can jump, vault, and fly up and down stairs)! Puppy-faced 7 year old Greta has brown eyebrows, a brown and white muzzle and gorgeous ticking on her legs. She just wants love. Greta walks and potties on the leash. She likes other dogs. The fabulous photography of her foster dad does not do Greta justice, as she is in near constant motion. Greta is not prone to bark much. She was very respectful of my violin playing last night while the other hounds howled. What more can a dog-lover ask for?

19 AUGUST 2016: Greta is a 7 year old small girl at 17 pounds. What she lacks in size Greta makes up for with energy. She is a loving, people-oriented girl with beautiful ticking on her legs (see photo). She is good with other dogs and walks well on a leash; she will potty while on the leash. Greta is in foster care and is available for adoption.

14 AUGUST 2016: Greta is an a beautiful, small adult (17 pounds) beagle girl that is very friendly and good with other dogs.  She was a stray in Amelia County, Virginia, and her history is unknown.

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