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Published: November 5, 2016

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 8 MARCH 2017: We have determined that both Grace and her sister, Sasha, prefer the company of other dogs and that both will need another dog in their future adoptive home. We also feel that Grace and Sasha need to be adopted together since they are so dependent on each other.

20 FEBRUARY 2017: Grace is an incredibly sweet little girl who is still learning about being a loved family member.  Gracie loves to get pets and will hop on the chair to cuddle with me.  But when I approach her she may get in to a crouch and wait for me to pick her up or run off.  After a bit of “training” Gracie has learned to love belly rubs.  I often have to fetch her from the yard when it is time to come in, though now she doesn’t dodge under the holly bushes.  She goes to a spot – which is getting closer to the door as time passes – and waits for me to pick her up.  Gracie still hasn’t bonded with my husband – but she has advanced to taking cookies from him.  Like many beagles, she loves her cookies.

Gracie is good with three of the cats and gets chased by one; Gracie is never aggressive with them.  She is good with the other dogs in the house.

Learning is still in progress – mostly in the area of what are appropriate toys and perfecting house training (almost all the way there).  She is good in the kennel.

Gracie and Sasha are best friends and playmates.  Out in the yard they play long games of chase and wrestling.  They have uncovered toys hidden in the yard by previous fosters and they play with them all.  But one of the best loved toys appears to be a plastic flower pot.

17 DECEMBER 2016: Grace and her sister Sasha are sweet girls but very timid. They were not acclimated to people or used to living in a house. Right now they find most things pretty scary.  When they are in the yard together, they have great fun chasing each other and playing.  They both get along great with the other dogs.  Sasha and Grace are also cat friendly.  They are small (about 15 pounds each), smart, sweet and playful girls who are learning how to be loved family members.  I've only had them a few weeks but they are making progress.  Once they build up their confidence I'm sure they will both be great companions. Grace will be available for adoption once she's more accustomed to life as a house pet.

First impressions: Grace is a 1-year-old spayed female that is fully vetted and ready for her next step in life.  She's a happy, playful girl, great with other dogs but shy with people.  She is more approachable and seems to do better outside of the kennel.  She was a neglect case at the Louisa County Animal Shelter.  She needs to be fostered before she will be available for adoption.

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