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Published: February 2, 2012

I've Been Adopted!

Age: 2ish


Google is a precious girl.  She came to me skinny, losing hair from malnutrition and taking meds for lyme disease.   I put her on puppy food and fish oil for her skin.  She slept for the 1st two weeks and I was beginning to think she had lost her spirit.  She was just getting better when the 4 beagles(my two and Luke, who's been adopted and Google) surrounded a groundhog.  Only Google was bitten on her ear before I got a hold on them and the groundhog escaped.
Delaware state law required that she receive another rabies shot(she had just had one in January) and was quarantined for 45 days.  She could go out on a leash, but she was not available for adoption until after April 12th, which is the end of her quarantine.  Google is now available for adoption.
Since then, Google has regained her spirit.  She is a happy 3-4 year old beagle girl.  She had some dental work done this (teeth cleaned and some pulled).  She is so much fun.  She is a little skittish while walking if cars pass or large trucks.  She definitely does not like traffic.  She is quiet in the house and learned the routine quickly.  She knows when it's time to eat and when to go to bed.  She is house broken and enjoys playing with other dogs.  She is friendly with people and enjoys children.  Her favorite thing is eating and getting treats.  She is learning not to jump up to get her treats.  She knows SIT, but doesn't always obey.  She knows OFF and responds to that better.
I do not need to crate her while I am away, however, she likes to get into the crate with the door open to rest.  She is not a chewer, but enjoys rawhides and other appropriate chews.  She is a gentile little girl, but shy about giving kisses.  She does enjoy having her belly rubbed and being scratched behind the ears.  We had to work up to this because she was not used to being petted.  She now will come and ask for attention.  She has been great with my dogs, my daughter's dog and my dog walker's dog and with our latest foster, Crusoe.  She is a very friendly beagle and loves to run and play with all the dogs.  She will stand at the fence and bark at Bennie next door.  She just can't figure out why another beagle won't come over and play.  She has tried digging, but only when Bennie is out.

She enjoys counter surfing, but just say "off" and she gets down.  I think she would benefit from obedience classes, as she wants to please you so much.  I know she is a quick learner and a truly special girl.  She can be a little skittish with loud noises that surprise her.  I have found that ignoring the noise and her, results in a quick recovery.


9 Responses

  1. Deb Szymanik

    This is one adorable, sweet little beagle. Now that she is available, I bet she is in her “furever” home soon. I just love those little legs and her pretty face.

  2. Jenny

    Look at that face!!! She looks like she is full of personality!

  3. Jim & Michele Riley

    What a little sweetie. We would love to talk to Brew about her.

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Jim & Michelle,
      Have you adopted from BREW before? If not, please submit an adoption application found on the website. Once we receive it, we will set up a phone interview with one of our BREW interviews.
      Laura Charles Johnson

      • Jim & Michele Riley


        Yes we adopted from Brew 3 years ago. We adopted Cupcake from Andrea Cummings (foster) and Suzanne Vassuer did our interview at our home. So we should be on file.

        Jim Riley

  4. Pat Daly

    I think we’d like to check out Google. She looks like a real cutie!

  5. Deb Szymanik

    Another adorable beagle – where is BREW finding all of these wonderful beagles! The short description of Google sounds like my little beagle Hollie – she too is a nose to the ground, sniffin’, looking for critters machine! Can’t wait to read more about her.

  6. I think she looks very inquisitive! and adorable. Do you know what, if any other breed, she is mixed with? Is she a barker, biter, or just a playful lap dog?

  7. Kathleen Koch

    Ha…Google looks a little angry in that first photo ; )) I am sure she is a sweetie?! What is her status?…. single and looking for a mom with a black lab for a big brother, along with a boy 11 & girl 8 to make life complete (oh and dad!) almost forgot about him. Single family home w/fenced in yard. Whooo Hoooo!!! Sounds good to me and i’m not looking for a special loving Beagle home!! Please let me (us) know about Google – how I (we) can meet her with the clan. Thanks so much! Great weekend!

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