Age: 4-5 Years Gender: Female
adultFemaleGood with dogsHas a cluesmall
Published: January 31, 2019

I'm Available and Looking for a Foster Home!

UPDATE - 19 FEBRUARY 2019: Gizzy is now fully vetted and available for fostering or adoption. She appears to be house trained (doesn't soil her kennel) and weighs 19 pounds.

NEW - 31 JANUARY 2019: Gizzy, aka Gizmo, is a 4-5-year-old beagle/dachshund mix who is friendly and good with other dogs. She’s the mom to Tinks, and they were both given up because their family could no longer care for them. She is used to being in the house and said to be house trained (she will probably need some re-training). She will be available soon.

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