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Published: August 20, 2012

I've Been Adopted !

Age: 2 years

Age: Female

Here is Gayle....snuffling up the back yard when she first came to us and here she is playing "tug o' squirrel" with our Rattler "Bacall", also from BREW. Gayle has only been with us for 3 days but here is what I know about her. She was a bit growly when she first came here....but she was tired, stressed and overwhelmed. Since then .... She seems to be house trained. Only one accident on the floor because it was raining so hard yesterday none of the dogs would go out. Gayle and Rattler play, play, play play....up, down, over and around. Gayle just loves everybody....all puppy tails and wiggles. She's a bit curious about the cats but pretty much leaves them alone....she'd rather be playing with Rattler. Gayle and Rattler sleep together in the crate at night. All in all.....she's a great pup but a beagle for sure. Up, down, over around here and there and everywhere.....the baby gates don't stop her...she can jump like a deer. She found the grandkid's toy box and started a "puppy stash" of stuffed animals. My only concern about her is that I think she could easily jump a fence if she decided to. Otherwise....I can't say enough good things about her.

Gayle is a small female under 20lbs, 1.5 yrs old, friendly, good with other dogs but was a stray at Louisa Co. Animal Shelter so her history is unknown

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  1. diane schemm

    hi, am interested in Gayle. Have done application, had phone interview, house check. Could you pls tell me where Gayle is located?

    thanks, Diane

  2. Jean

    Where does Gayle live i? How do I arrange to visit her?

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Jean, you would need to submit an adoption application and have your phone interview before we can put you in touch with our foster families. Please let me know if you have other questions.

  3. Laura Bachle

    Would like to know more about Gayle

  4. Good luck in finding a forever home ASAP, little Gayle.

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