From Rags to Riches

Published: April 16, 2011

Having been raised with beagles, I have always been a devout beagle lover. When hearing the story of the 16 beagles in West Virginia that had recently been rescued by BREW, my fiance and I knew that we would have to bring one into our growing family to show that life is so much better than living tied to a doghouse.

After seeing all the photographs of the dogs, I, of course, wanted to take them all. However, space and financial constraints didn't make that feasible so we decided on the beagle then known as Parsely (now named Tessie). I called the vet clinic, where the dogs were receiving treatment, for directions so that I could bring her home. I spoke with the clinic manager and she expressed what a wonderful personality Tessie had and mentioned that Tessie was very attached to another beagle named Spice. They were so attached to one another that they were the only two that were together in the same kennel. After I hung up the phone, I really started thinking about what would happen to Spice without having her friend with her during this stressful time. After much consideration, my fiance and I decided that the right thing to do would be to adopt both dogs together.

We brought Tessie & Spice (now known as Ronald Ann) home the Saturday before Christmas. They have adjusted better than I could have dreamed of, considering the circumstances they came from. They both get along wonderfully with their other dog brothers and sisters (Riley the husky, Zoey the mixed breed, Farley the blue tick coonhound, Toby the redtick coonhound/whippet mix, & Bunny the beagle puppy). Tessie has made herself right at home and is already housebroken. She has discovered that sleeping on the couch all day is MUCH better than being chained up outside. Ronald Ann is still a little timid but is slowly gaining confidence that we will do right by her.

Though we have only had Tessie & Ronald Ann in our lives for a short period, I cannot imagine life being complete without them. Thanks so much to the wonderful volunteers at BREW for making our family complete and saving the lives of much deserving beagles!

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