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Published: January 5, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 15 OCTOBER 2018: Franklin finished up another round of surgery and is now in a leg cast that we hope will help him heal properly this time. He is not too happy with the brace, but he is a survivor and headed to his foster home to recuperate. He is still afraid of many things, but who would blame him after all he has been through. Franklin will be available for adoption after his rehab. This is one very special boy.

UPDATE - 5 OCTOBER 2018: Sadly, Franklin needs more surgery. This poor guy is having a tough time of it all. He will be going back to a foster home after his surgery while he recovers.

UPDATE - 9 SEPTEMBER 2018: Franklin is back with his foster mom and doing well. He had to wear the "cone of shame" for a while after his surgery, which he didn't like, but he is doing much better now and back to his rehab routine.

UPDATE - 8 AUGUST 2018: It looks like our dear Franklin needs more surgery. A tendon from his first surgery needs to be repaired, so he will be staying with our vet for a couple of weeks.

UPDATE - 5 JULY 2018:  Franklin continues to do well. Thank you to all of you who are donating toward his expenses and who check in to see how he’s doing. The treadmill protocol is 20 minutes per session 3 times per day at 1 mph. He gets chewy treats while walking so he is usually happy to walk. In fact, when his collar by which he’s hooked to the treadmill, pulled off over his head, Franklin kept walking as I replaced the collar. Of course that frustrates the other fosters because these particular training treats are for treadmill dogs only. His physical therapy exercises plus heat treatments are twice a day.

For whatever reason, Franklin has decided he has to outbeagle everyone else for speed eating. He’s being fed using a slow speed feeding bowl; it’s not slowing him down very much. The next step is giving him part or all of his meals with a puzzle treat/kibble dispenser.

Even though Franklin is crated when I leave the house, he’s fairly cooperative about it and will usually enter the crate on command. He keeps the crate clean and dry. At night, when it’s cooler, Franklin will often lounge on the lighted back deck (he also likes to lounge in the sun during the day). For whatever reason, Franklin sometimes chooses to urinate on the kitchen floor rather than to go outside using the dog door at night. We are working on that issue.

There has been some interest in adopting Franklin. However, it is a major time and energy commitment to make sure he continues to do well; these requirements will probably only increase with time as arthritis, etc. become factors. Because he has slippage on the rear right kneecap, it’s necessary to monitor it carefully. Ideally exercise plus physical therapy should strengthen the muscles promoting greater stability. However until that stabilization occurs,, too much stress on the kneecap could lead to a need for a surgical repair. He’s been through so much, we’d like to avoid more trauma so it’s a balancing act.

We have a new foster beagle named Malcolm who joined us Saturday. He’s closest to Franklin in age (about 8-9 months old to Franklins 2-3 years old). They seem to enjoy each other and can bleed off excess energy.

Franklin is coming to adoption days. So check the schedule and come out to meet him. Who knows, a beagle might just adopt you.

UPDATE - 16 JUNE 2018: Franklin joined us at the Ellicott City adoption event and did great! He has come a long way since his surgery and rehab. He is still apprehensive about strangers, preferring to stay under that table by his foster mom's feet, but he went for several walks with other humans and did well. His injured leg will never be normal, but he seems to be coping just fine. Franklin doesn't seem to have a mean bone in his body!

UPDATE - 16 APRIL 2018 (from Franklin's foster mom):  Meet Franklin. He’s about 2 years old and has been through a lot in his short life. Before he came to BREW as a stray, he was shot and had lost the use of one front leg. Dr. Walker and his staff of D.C. Vets, Inc. performed surgery on the leg and they and the wonderful vets and staff at Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates (all of Purcellville, VA), took care of him during about 2 months of recovery at Blue Ridge. They had to change his splint every other day until he reached a level of recovery where he could be released.

In February, Franklin came to Delaware for specialized hydrotherapy treatments at the rehab center at Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware. He’s been building up strength in the leg by using the treadmill in the tank; he has been performing many additional strength and flexibility exercises each day. Additionally he is walking two to three times extra per day to build up the strength in the leg.

Franklin is a sweet, gentle young beagle. He is afraid of just about everything but is slowly learning that most people like him and that most of external things like noise and sudden movements won’t hurt him. He is being slowly socialized to everything around him. Franklin gets along very well with his foster beagle sister and brother; he loves to sleep in the bed at night and will counter surf with the best.

As well as being labor intensive, this program is expensive. Franklin will be coming to Beaglefest on the 21st, so come out and look for him at the Manassas Park dog park. Bring along your extra change. We will have a jug to collect any donation you may want to leave for him.

If you can’t attend Beaglefest, please donate to BREW online and sponsor Franklin.

It will be a while yet before Franklin can be made available for adoption. Because of his injury, he will need to be monitored for arthritis throughout his life; he will need lots of walking daily and someone willing to do his exercises on a daily basis. If this isn’t done, he will eventually lose the use of the leg again. Given everything he’s been through, that would be a real shame. Additionally, he’s developing a weakness in a rear kneecap that is being monitored and exercised (it didn’t show up until he started using the front leg). With everything he has to deal with, we are going to be very careful in placing Franklin, so it may take some time.

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS (December 2017): Franklin came to BREW as a stray from the Stafford County Animal Shelter in Virginia. He is about 2 years old and weighs around 31 pounds. He is timid and has an injured front leg that is apparently due to being shot sometime during his young life. He will be going through some surgery and then some special rehab, but we hope he will be available for adoption soon. In the meantime, we have a wonderful foster mom who will be helping Franklin through this challenging process.


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  1. Glad to see Franklin is back at his foster home. He may not be happy about the cast, but he sure looks cute in it!

  2. How is Franklin doing? I am interested in him and will be coming out to Manassas on Saturday.

    • Janet

      Hi Jodi – Franklin is such a special boy! He will be at the adoption event on the 19th, so please come and meet him. This poor little guy has had a very rough life. He is timid and will never have full function of one of his legs, which has a permanent injury from where he was once shot (see the write up on the web site). Franklin has done well at his foster home and gets along with the other dogs. He even came to Beaglefest and did better than we expected. We kept him in a quieter part of the park, but he stayed outside of his crate and quietly watched all the action. He’ll steal your heart when you meet him on Saturday!

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