Published: January 17, 2018

We said good-bye to Faneuil on January 8, 2018. Originally named Mister, we named him after Faneuil Hall. He came to our attention at an adoption day when he repeatedly nudged our legs with his nose.

Faneuil was all Beagle: always adventurous, ready to take a ride in the car then a walk in the woods, poised to chase after any noise or scent, looking for something to eat, and ready to play with any dog he saw. Anytime another dog passed on the street, Faneuil would break into a howl; he was a famed yodeler. When it came to the great Beagle art of walking nonchalantly up to something on the ground, then lunging at it as soon as he was close enough before I could pull him back, he was the master. He loved to sit on the back of a sofa, just like Snoopy sitting on top of his doghouse. He was very affectionate, pushing his nose under my hand to scratch behind his ears.

Faneuil loved to be the center of attention. He was astutely aware that he came to us at a time we were grieving the loss of another beagle and made repeated attempts to amuse us, wrapping himself in the curtains like a mummy until we noticed and laughed at him. Fan loved to look in the mirror and he was always a lady’s man, the favorite of our sons’ girlfriends. In later years, Faneuil was a mentor to our foster dogs; a dog returned to us did not remember us or the house but immediately recognized Faneuil and the two took up playing as though a year had not passed.
We miss you, Faneuil. We know Lola, Baxter, Flo, Tris, and you are playing on the Rainbow Bridge right now.

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