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Published: September 5, 2013

I've Gone to the Rainbow Bridge

Faith passed away surrounded by her forever foster family in late 2015. She was very loved by her family, and we thank them for giving her such a wonderful home.

26 JUNE 2014:  Faith has been diagnosed with an incurable cancer. She will stay with her loving foster family where she will continue to receive all the special care she deserves until it's her turn to go to Rainbow Bridge. Thank you Phyllis, Michael, and Aaron.

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  1. Do you have an update on Faith? Is she still with her family? Thank you for taking care of her.

    • Erin

      Sadly, Faith has actually gone to the rainbow bridge. She did, however, live out her life very happy with her forever foster family.

  2. Bless you for taking Faith into your home where she will live forever. Taking care of an dog who is not well is the final act of love that anyone can make.

  3. So sorry to hear about dear Faith. I am so happy to hear that she will be staying with those that love her still she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

  4. Faith you are beautiful and loved. Bless you little girl.

  5. […] does well with the other dogs and has found a willing playmate in Colleen.  He even got foster Faith, whose favorite activity is napping, to play a bit.   Gunner has a nice energy level, not couch […]

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