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Published: February 28, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 1 MARCH 2018 (This is an additional summary from Evie's temporary family in Tennessee. Evie still needs to be checked out by our vet before she is available for fostering or adoption):

Evie is really lazy and mellow inside and likes to sleep on her chair or just sit around and hang out. She never barks at anything unless she's on a walk and picks up a trail.  Evie is mostly housebroken but if she has to go and has gone to the door a few times without being let out then she may go on the floor in a discreet location- especially if she is having a belly flare up and it's urgent. She does well sleeping the night on the bed with us and sleeps through the night, but if she sleeps on her bed she sometimes gets up and goes to the bathroom somewhere when we don't wake up to take her out. She may need to be crated during the night to avoid these accidents.

She doesn't play or fight with other dogs - it's like they don't exist. She will eat their food and is only just starting to understand that this is not acceptable by most dogs and could end in injury. Evie can't really tolerate a lot of table scraps as her belly goes crazy and makes noises and she gets the runs. I think this will change with time after she regains some of the intestinal flora that were lost from antibiotic use for a month.

Evie may be cautious or scared at first of new things but she quickly feels confident once she figures out that she is safe. Her owner must have been really rough with her as it took a while for her to understand human affection and to not cower when someone came near her.

Evie has almost zero recall outside as she gets on the track of something and forgets she is actually with someone. She does best in a harness so she can keep her nose to the ground! She pulls quite a bit as well so it can be frustrating to walk her (typical beagle), although she is used to being walked several miles each day.

Finally, Evie may be stuck on my schedule which starts at 3:30 am. I'm sure she can adapt to wherever she goes, but she's not a very brave little girl so it might take a little time for her to show her true personality.

INITIAL INFORMATION: Evie is a pretty gal who is coming to BREW as a stray from Tennessee. She apparently showed up on someone's doorstep, and no one ever claimed her. The family kept Evie for several weeks, but they had to give her up since they already had several dogs of their own. This temporary foster family said she is now fully vetted, but we will still have our vet check her out. She may be housebroken, but she was on some antibiotics that caused occasional accidents in the house if she was left alone too long. She doesn't care about other dogs at all - barely even acknowledges them. She's super lazy indoors except when there's food around. Outside she is a typical beagle, always on the trail of some invisible critter. For a beagle, she seems to be quieter and more mellow than her peers. Evie will be available for fostering or adoption as soon as our vet is able to confirm that she is ready to go.

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