Everybody Loves Cody!

Published: April 12, 2011

It's me Denim, my new family is great! They have named me Cody.

I have to tell you what a great time I am having here at my new home! On my first night here my new aunt came and brought me toys and a cool new collar but I can't wear it quite yet because I am too little! We played till 11:00 and then I was just too tired so I went in my crate and slept till 5:30. I didn't even cry once during the night. My new family left some soft music on for me the whole night and let me sleep with all my new toys. Then when I woke up and we went outside. I just love hopping around in the grass and smelling everything I can. I lick up all the water on the branches and leaves. I cried when I had to come back inside because I just love to be out there.

Then get this, I have another aunt who (on Saturday) came with a soft bed filled with tons of toys and treats! Then my uncle came and he brought more treats and toys. Today I went to the vet and they checked me all out. They all just loved me there and told me how cute I was. Boy I'll tell ya, I must be something special to all these people. I get so much love and attention!

They tell me that used to have a dog Kato who went over the Rainbow Bridge and they missed him so much. They felt that the house was too quiet and empty and they searched for a puppy to bring some joy and happiness back into their home. I must be doing a good job of it because they are always smiling now and happy now. They tell me they still miss Kato and always will but I make things easier for them. All I have to do is sit and look up at them and they just start telling me how cute I am. Then we play with all my new toys, they rub my belly and I give them lots of kisses!

So thanks for bringing us all together! Tell all the others I said hello. I miss Linen and I hope they all find as good homes as I have!

The Giampetro Family

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