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Published: April 22, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 10 MAY 2018: Adopt a senior!! Eris is a lovely, sweet little beagle. Her likes: frozen blueberries, naps in the sun, rolling time in the grass, snuggles in the big human bed, exploring. Eris is a big Bob Marley One Love fan; whenever she sees one of her foster sisters getting pats or kisses, she reacts as though she is getting the attention. She is really laid back unless you are slow to serve the supper! Eris is working on her housetraining, but will stay quietly in the crate if necessary. Eris believes it is necessary to dig a little hole to pee in, and she will also poop while on the leash. On a silly note, Eris seems to like to rub against pine trees and get herself covered with pine pitch! Sticky mess....

UPDATE - 30 APRIL 2018: What special family will adopt this beautiful older girl??? At 16 pounds, Eris has been told by the vet that she needs to gain 4 lbs. and she is diligently working on this. With her short snout and misty eyes, Eris looks like a caricature of a cute dog but she is in fact, an adorably cute girl. She gets along very well with her housemates but is not above growling at them when they try to crowd her in her beddy or sample from her food dish (but it's a cute growl!). Eris loves the neighborhood kids and enjoys being picked up by them and carried around. She relishes going on hikes and is a champion of the underdog; when she saw a neighbor's dog tied to the railing, she threw back her head and howled. Her bark in the house will make you want to get on your hunter and take off over jumps, with Eris running at your side. Eris is pictured here, lazing in her favorite spot, the cello bag.

UPDATE - 21 APRIL 2018: Eris is now fully vetted and on her way to a foster home. Here is what the foster family had to say after they picked her up at Beaglefest: Even after an action-packed day at Beaglefest, Eris has explored her new foster home and investigated all the toys for future reference. She has had no potty accidents and has peed while on the leash. Eris rides well in the car. She is an affectionate sweetie who gets along splendidly with her housemates.

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS - 7 April 2018: Eris came to BREW with four other pups from the Gloucester County Animal Shelter in Virginia. She is about 12 years old and a tiny little girl. During transport, she sat on a volunteer's lap the entire way, enjoying the ride and loving on the volunteer. She is a very sweet girl!

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