Age: 4 Years Gender: Female
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Published: September 24, 2015

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 23 OCTOBER 2016: Emma is an easy-going, beautiful girl that enjoys a mosey.

Emma is a lovely house guest; she has not chewed on anything inappropriate and seems comfortable with household noises. She has a clue about house-training, and we have had very few accidents in the house. She loves our senior beagle and will play with our younger male. She loves going outside and sniffing in our backyard. She must have a secure backyard or I fear she will wander off following a scent and get herself into trouble she makes adorable snuffling noises as she follows the trail.

She is very sensitive so a quiet, stable forever home with another dog and a patient person is very important for Emma. She also has some stubbornness to her and may not be a good fit for a first-time dog owner.

Emma had a wonderful time at Beaglefest she sniffed, played, and then snoozed in the grass, oblivious to the shenanigans going on around her (see photo!).

12 OCTOBER 2016: We are still getting to know Emma again, but her foster mom reports that she is good with dogs and children, has a clue about house-training, and potties on a leash. She also has s delightful bark, howl, and "arroooo" which makes her suited to house living instead of a condo or apartment. Emma also has quite the beagle nose and follows it everywhere!

6 OCTOBER 2016: Emma came to BREW about a year ago and was adopted in early 2016. She has recently come back to BREW. More on Emma once she settled into her foster home and we have gotten reacquainted with her!

3 NOVEMBER 2015: Emma is now fully vetted and ready for her foster or forever home! She is super sweet and slightly more dominant than her sister, Sophia.

24 SEPTEMBER 2015: Emma is beagle with some basset in there somewhere, making her a bagle!  She is 4 years old, super sweet, low key, and mellow.  She was a stray at the Madison County Animal Shelter in Virginia, and her history is unknown.  She will be available soon!

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  1. Kt

    Why was she returned? How is she doing at her foster?

    • LindaC

      Katy, Emma was returned because the family was going through some rough times and could not care for her. Her foster mom said she is adjusting to the transition nicely but still needs time to become more confident.

      • Kt

        I’m glad Emma’s at a foster who can be patient & help her. Thank you for the update! Cheers,

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