Earl Oliver

Published: April 22, 2011

Hello, it's me Earl Oliver!

Just wanted to check in with all of you, especially my wonderful BREW family. I am doing great!  My new forever home is a blast. Mommy picked me up from Aunt Pat and Uncle Jeff in Allentown PA.( my bestest foster parents)  on March 7th 2008. I was used to being a country pup, but very soon became a happy city pup. They still have lots of grass here, and long blocks for mommy and me to walk. I have to admit, I love being pampered being the only child. I keep being showered with gifts from all of mommy's friends, and my sisters friend's too! I made so many furry friends in the neighborhood. I look out the huge living room window where I  arf when I see my friends pass by. I have beds and comfy places all over the house. I love to snuggle in with mommy, and nestle my head in her arms.

[blockquote1]Mommy wants you to know how grateful she is to BREW, and especially my foster family for giving us both a chance to  love again. [/blockquote1]

Mommy , I was told, was very sad before she got me. Her puppyman, Hoover, also a rescue left for rainbow bridge on 12/31/07. Mommy had a sign from Hoover that I was the one to share her love with. Mommy tells me she picked up a book  to read, and it spoke about an adopted beagle from BREW. Mommy had no idea that this was a non fiction book duh!  So mommy went on the website,  made contact with my foster mommy Pat, and she came to visit me . My foster mommy and her kept blabbing away, while I was playing with the other beagle loves. Then mommy went shopping with Aunt Eileen, and in the kitchen section, there was a big orange sign with the letters BREW. Well there you go, the signs mommy was looking for.  Mommy came back with one of my sisters a few weeks later,and off I went  on to my new journey to Brooklyn. My new vet loved me, we bonded well, and all is great. I keep mommy on her toes, I have really come out of just countersurfing, ha ha, to running away with shoes, socks, anything I can, so I can get a good laugh out of everyone I meet.


I will keep you updated on happenings  here at " Earl's Place".

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  1. Earl Oliver aka Earl The Pearl, celebrates his 9 th birthday today. We are both still doing many things. Earl is proud to be a certified therapy dog, helping humans heal. We volunteer once a month to visit the children in Pediatrics. We love you BREW. Earl Oliver sends a big loving Arroooo to you!

    • Erin

      Arrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooo and happy birthday, Earl, and thanks for the update, Lou Ellen!

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