Duncan Eased Our Pain

Published: April 16, 2011

After Carmel, our beloved beagle girl, had passed away in October, my wife and I both thought that neither of us could handle the pain of losing another dog like her again.

I found Carmel one very hot summer afternoon, wandering the road side of a busy highway. Knowing that she was in a desperate situation, I just had to stop my truck and pick her up. She jumped up into my air conditioned vehicle and fell right to sleep. I took her home, fed and bathed her. I removed about 10 ticks from her body.Our Vet examined her and updated her shots. He also informed us that she was heartworm positive. We never questioned the cost for getting Carmel back to into good health, even when we had to give her heart medication the during the last 2 years of her life. During the next 11 years, Carmel gave us her unconditional love and affection. Carmel's personality spokes volumes about just what kind of pet she really was. After Carmel passed, our house became so quiet. Brownie, our other beagle girl was very lethargic without the companionship that Carmel provided. Even though they sometimes had their little "competitions," she still missed her sister.

Then, along came Duncan! We started to search the shelters for beagles that were in need of a good, safe home. After contacting BREW, our home was to be inspected by Claudette, a foster home provider near our area to approve our adoption application. Claudette brought along Duncan for the home inspection.We fell for Duncan even though my wife and had I agreed, "No Male Dogs." Duncan is between 2-3 yrs old, and he was one of the 16 West Virginia Beagles that BREW recently rescued. As far as we know Duncan had never been indoors before being placed in a foster home. Other than "marking his territory" once, Duncan never has any accidents in the house. He loves using the doggie door so that he may run and play in his new fenced yard. There is even a few rabbits that he chases in the yard from time to time. He loves sleeping in the recliner chairs and also on our beds. One bad habit that we have to discourage is his jumping onto the dining room table. Boy can he jump! Other than the table dancing, he's a very good boy. Duncan now feels right at home and he is showing more of his energetic, loving, and playful personality every day.

Thanks to everyone associated with the BREW organization for saving our new family member, Duncan, and others like him from a very desperate situation. Please, keep up the great work.

Sometimes I wonder just why it was that I happened across my dear Carmel on that very hot afternoon. I wonder how was it that Duncan, the very first dog that BREW introduced us to was the perfect match to complete our family.

Some people would say it's luck, other say it's just fate. Divine intervention could even be the explanation. Personally,I believe it may have been a little of each.

Mike & Brenda Pace

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