Doolittle Does a Lot

Published: April 22, 2011

Dear B.R.E.W.,

My name is Doolittle and you may remember me as a very small beagle mix who came into your rescue way back in 2003 when I was about 2 years old.  I was adopted by a dog loving mom and her girl, Cody.  When Mom picked me up I wondered if we would ever get to my new home-- Virginia Beach is a LONG way from Maryland where my foster home was.  But when I finally got to my new home I found my new Mom and girl needed me as much as I needed them, you see mom was recently divorced and both mom and girl were very sad and lonely.

Mom had a beagle like me when she was a girl who was her very best friend and she asked me to be that faithful friend to her daughter.  I got to know my new girl very quickly and found my favorite place to sleep was on her bed!  Since that time our home has gotten a lot happier, I have a dad now (I was even in the wedding!) and we moved to a bigger house with a bigger yard for me to run around in.  A little after moving into our new home I started having seizures.  It was really scary at first but I have a great vet who gave me some medicine and I haven't had one of those seizures in a long time.  I just have to take medicine with breakfast and dinner and visit my vet regularly to make sure I am getting enough medicine to keep me from having any more seizures.  Someone mentioned to my Mom that I was lucky to have her because a lot of people wouldn't want the extra medicine costs and trips to the vet.  Mom thought about this and decided that she would like to help another dog who needed special care so she adopted a brother for me!

His name is Boomer and he is a big mixed up mutt but I love him anyway-- especially since he doesn't even seem to realize that he is so much bigger than me!  Before we rescued Boomer from the shelter he was about to be put down-- they said he would be too much trouble because he had heartworms, had never been trained or even been inside a house, and even though he was big he was terribly underweight.  We learned that in Boomer's old home he was left outside all the time, even in the cold and rain!  He was never loved on or taken to the vet, his old family said he was too much trouble because he wouldn't stay in an "invisible fence" that doesn't even make sense to me!! Anyway when we brought my new brother home he was very afraid--- of EVERYTHING!! He wouldn't even sit down at first, he just stood in the corner, he didn't know how to climb the stairs and I had to show him how! After a while I even let him get on the couch with me.

Our vet wasn't sure if he could get rid of all the heartworms but sure enough Boomer beat those worms.  Once he felt better we could go out and play together in the yard, I love having a playmate!! Boomer warmed up to our family and got so attached to Mom while she took so much care to keep him comfortable and calm when he was sick that he started having what the vet called "separation anxiety" whenever Mom left us in our crates he would panic and found ways to break out of every crate Mom tried, he even dug a hole all the way through the kitchen door once!  The vet tried giving Boomer medicines to calm him down but it didn't help much, so finally one day I thought I would try to help.  When Mom told us to go to our crates so she could leave for work instead of going into my crate I went into Boomer's crate with him. At first Mom told me to come out and go to my crate, but I wouldn't leave my brother-- not even for a treat!  Now Mom is so proud of me for being so smart because my plan worked!  Boomer didn't panic one little bit with me there to keep him company so now we always share his great big crate.

Thanks BREW for helping me find my forever family where I am loved!  BREW gave me a happy ending and now I have helped give my brother a happy ending too!   Love, Doolittle!!!

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