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Published: December 4, 2017

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 5 FEBRUARY 2018: What's up, Doc? The original scene stealer, Doc would most likely flourish as a single dog, even though he gets along well with others. Doc loves hikes and car rides. You will never have to guess how Doc is feeling as he enjoys expressing himself in true hound dog fashion. Meet Doc at the February adoption day; you will never forget him!

UPDATE - 25 DECEMBER 2017: Today we learned what a party animal Doc is; in every photo of our family gathering, Doc's grinning face appears. He spent Christmas day nuzzling presents or cozying up to someone for a good sleep. Definitely a people dog, Doc has enjoyed the holidays wearing a Christmas sweater. Doc really is a dream to walk on the leash, the fastest he goes is a sweet teacup canter which is easy to keep up with if you have short legs or are feeling lazy. He fears nothing that we have observed so far. Doc is waiting for a family to call his own!

UPDATE - 18 DECEMBER 2017: While Doc might be older, he will not remind you of Doc in the Seven Dwarfs. Think instead of that upper classman your mother warned you against "Stay away from him, honey, he'll steal your heart!" James Bond handsome, inscrutable, lean (at 34 pounds), Doc will leave you in awe at first. But then once you get to know him, you will realize he is the most loving boy, goofy, fun to be around, and a ray of sunshine with a heart of gold. His housetraining is improving and he walks good on the leash but stay alert as Doc has a habit of walking in front of you as he surveys the scene nose to the ground. Doc loves everyone, especially children. He does like to greet newcomers by jumping up on them at first so he will need some supervision initially with kids. Also, he tends to snatch treats out of your hands so beware of your fingers. Doc is a champion snorer and the bed shakes at night with the power of his ZZZs. He learns very fast and needed only one session with 2 slices of cheese to master the stairs both up and down; now he takes them at a canter with his ears flying. Doc enjoyed the beach and playground today, he actually went down the slide tube and I think I heard him shout "Yahoo!"

UPDATE - 10 DECEMBER 2017 (from Doc's foster family): The Doc is in! Doc is a pleasant, laid-back boy who can make himself comfy anywhere. He loves the warm bed and the full bowl. Doc is a pleasure to walk on the leash and he will poop and pee while being walked. Doc keeps his nose close to the ground but never pulls on the leash. His house training needs some work. He will stay quietly in the crate with a stuffed kong. Doc has comments for every occasion; last night I woke him up for the midnight duty and he went Blah! Blah! Blah! in a high-pitched voice with dismay. Then I fastened the leash to his collar, and he voiced his displeasure but went out, lifted his leg and was back in bed in no time! But he is quiet on walks. He is so loving. Doc enjoys being scratched and rubbed. He gets along with other dogs as long as they don't come near his food bowl. Doc's ambitions are: 1. To be a champion counter surfer, 2. To climb every mountain, and 3. To pee on every tree.

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS: Doc is an 8-9 year old neutered male who is fully vetted and ready for the good life. He and 8 other older beagles were left at an old abandoned hunting shack. Fortunately the Surry County Animal Control in Virginia received an anonymous tip, and all beagles eventually made it to rescues. Doc is friendly and good with other dogs. He seemed to be quite interested in a tennis ball. He is available for fostering or adoption.


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  1. Looking for a companion for our 8-9 yr old Jack Russell Terrier (also a rescue). She recently lost her beagle brother who had been with us about 5 years.
    We would like to know if Doc has any health issues and how his housetraining is progressing. Do you think he would have any interest in a doggy door?

    • Janet

      Hi Pamela – We’re sorry to hear about the loss of your beagle. Thank you for your interest in Doc. Doc is currently in a foster home and working on his housetraining. As far as we know, he does not have any health issues. If you are interested in learning more about Doc, we will need you to submit a BREW application, which can be found at Paying the fee through Paypal is quickest. We do have other applicants interested in Doc, so I don’t know how much longer we will have him. However, by submitting an application, you will be assigned a volunteer who can talk to you about all of our available beagles.

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