Daisy II

Age: 4 Years Gender: Female
adultFemaleGood with catsGood with dogsHousetrainedMediumNeeds another dog
Published: October 28, 2016


28 FEBRUARY 2017: Daisy has been here over a month and never once exhibited the terrible twos (after two weeks in a home when all the bad habits come out).   This wonderful girl has a personality that is pure gold.  She is having fun all the time now, whether it's at daycare, in the backyard or sniffing out squirrels while on a walk in the neighborhood. She knows sit and has a reliable recall. We're now working on other training. She is a real gem!

18 JANUARY 2017: Daisy II is a 4-year-old sweet, loving girl whose world was turned upside when her owner died and she was left at a shelter.  Her tail (and rear end) never stop wagging whenever she sees any person near or far.  Because of the dramatic change, she was showing some signs of separation anxiety during the transition to life in a rescue, but under BREW’s tender care, she is now enjoying a foster home and doggie daycare.  She is fully housetrained, knows how to use a doggie door and has cheerfully greeting the resident cat (who wasn’t nearly as cheerful).  We believe Daisy needs at least one canine companion. More updates will come as she learns again to love life!

First impressions - OCTOBER 2016: Daisy II is a 4-year-old, chunky, spayed female that is fully vetted and ready to take the next step in her life.  She was relinquished to the Madison County, Virginia Animal Shelter when her owner passed away.  Daisy II is house-trained, very sweet, listens well, and is good with other dogs.


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