Published: August 26, 2017

It's been almost a year since we adopted our Daisy from BREW.  She is a wonderful little girl.  She's really enjoys wandering (on a leash, of course) our large back yard, especially in the mulch beds and loves to jump up on the rocks.  We couldn't be more happy with her.  I wanted you to know how happy she is here in Frederick - I'm so glad we were able to adopt her.  It has taken her almost a year to get us fully trained, but we are now trained to help her into our bed at night, we jump up to take her out whenever she wants, and don't forget the snack when she comes in!  I think the only thing we haven't accomplished is to get rid of the snow in the winter - she definitely doesn't like getting her toes wet!  She is a very special little girl.  Thank you once again for letting Daisy be a part of our family.


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