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Published: March 27, 2012

I've Been Adopted!

Age: 2-3 years

Gender: Female

Hi, I am Cupid. I have been with my foster family for 2 weeks and I am having so much fun. I am a very happy little girl and my tail is always wagging. My foster mom says that it looks like I smile. I enjoy hanging with my 2 foster beagle brothers and my foster beagle sister and I also have a foster Golden Retriever brother. We all get along really good.

I love to play with my toys but there are times when I also like to get my foster mom’s flip flops and run around with them. She tells me no. Same goes for my foster dad’s sneakers. Guess I better stick to my toys and bones.

I love sitting with my humans and I have even started to sleep with them. I really like being near people who love me. It makes me feel safe.

I am learning to walk nicer on a leash. But there are so many scents out there that I want to just run all over the place. But I am learning.

Good news is that I keep my crate clean and dry all day. I have had a few accidents in the house but I pretty much know where I must go potty.

As much as I like it here, I would really like to find my own forever home.

Cupid is a 2-3yr old liver tri-color female that weighs around 18lbs.  She is very friendly and good with other dogs but was a stray in Louisa Co. so her history is unknown.


6 Responses

  1. shut up people, she was adopted!

  2. Jo Brown

    Oh dear, has it been a year? Cupid’s forever family must be getting near! What a pretty little bitty beagle she is!

  3. Jeff Falcone

    I want to adopt BAILEY!

  4. Lynette

    Do we know anything about her House Training and Crating? I might be interested in Fostering her. Please let me know.

  5. Kim

    Do we know if she is crate trained or housebroken yet? She’s a sweetie

  6. Deb Szymanik

    What an adorable little tiny beagle. Her name seems to suit her – love her coloring. Hope she gets into foster soon so we can find out more about her.

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