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Published: March 26, 2012

I've been adopted!

Age: 1yr

Gender: Male

Crusoe is a little uncertain right now. He is friendly but cautious. As a puppy, he was a stray on a farm.  He is a beautiful small beagle boy. He's excited about finding a family to call his own.

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  1. Robert Smith

    I have retired from Metro after 39 year career and iI just walk our 4 year English Lab Lily. We have always had Beagles in our family.
    I lost y last Beagle “Mason” 1 week shy of his 11th birthday last September.
    I am ready fro a Beagle again

    Cell: 702-715-6423
    Home: 703-356-3417
    1909 Gilson St
    Falls Church, Va 22043-1127

  2. cynthia cute

    Hi…Crusoe is adorable!! Can you tell me if Crusoe is good with other dogs? WIth children? About how much does he weigh?

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Cynthia, Crusoe is good with other dogs, yes. He has not been around children so we’d prefer that you consider another beagle if you have kids. Check out Google, Ralphie, Yahoo. I dont know how much he weighs right now.

  3. Todd Humphrey

    Is Crusoe still available? If so, where is he located?



    • Laura w/ BREW

      Todd, Crusoe and Nabisco are both still available. Both dogs are in the DC-Philly corridor.

      • Todd Humphrey

        Has he been neutered? Is he up to date on all his shots? Can you give me more details on his location?


        • Todd Humphrey

          Also, is he house broken?

        • Laura w/ BREW

          Todd, yes he is neutered and current on all shots. And no, I cannot provide additional details about his location.

        • Laura w/ BREW

          Todd, It’s likely he’s not. He didn’t move in to foster care until this weekend and before that was a stray. So, assume that unless a dog’s writeup says otherwise, these beagles are not housetrained.

  4. Pat Daly

    Crusoe’s face is so expressive – looks like he’s after. Something, doesn’t he?

  5. What a sweet little boy.

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