Age: 5 Years Gender: Male
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Published: January 16, 2019


NEW (COURTESY POST) - 16 JANUARY 2019:  Wilbur is an adorable, dear boy who needs a loving, patient home with another active/playful dog or two. He is approximately 5 years old, neutered, vaccinated and HOUSEBROKEN. Wilbur was part of a pack of feral beagles living near a landfill when he was trapped by rescuers. Inch by inch he’s beginning to understand how nice it is to live inside with people caring for him. He constantly chooses to be in the same room with his foster people, always nearby but not yet up for being touched. He chooses to sleep in bed with them (or can be happy sleeping nearby in his own bed), and he’ll take treats directly from their hands — so he's made great progress in the few short months he's been in our program.

He is a flight risk so he needs an experienced home who can ensure he is safe, can work with him on his human touch experience and start to learn leash walking in a safe/enclosed environment. Also, when he becomes more comfortable he lets it be known with his voice! So he's not going to be suitable for a home that is super sensitive to barking/talking.

We are confident that he'll continue making progress in the right home and sooner than later start to seek out (or happily tolerate) human touch. He just needs that committed person or family to show him the love! 🙂

Please contact for more info on adopting or fostering this sweet boy!

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