COURTESY POST – ODIN (Gone to a new rescue)

Age: 1 Year Gender: Male
Good with dogsHigh EnergyLargemaleyoung
Published: September 18, 2018


UPDATE - 19 OCTOBER 2018: Odin joined us at our last BREW adoption event and had a great time! This boy had a blast with beagles and other dogs of all sizes. Odin is a little bigger than most of the BREW beagles, but he is sweet, friendly, and just wants to run and play. He is still young! Odin is tall and active, so he would love a yard with a 6' fence. He might jump a fence that is too short. If you would like to meet Odin, please contact Teresa at

NEW (COURTESY POST)- 18 SEPTEMBER 2018: Our good friends at the Animal Care Assistance Program (ACAP) are looking for a home for Odin, a friendly Bluetick Coonhound mix who is 1 year old and weighs about 45 pounds. Check out what ACAP says about Odin below. If Odin sounds like your kind of guy, please email Susan at for an adoption application or apply online at Once you complete an application (no obligation to adopt), a meet and greet will be set up for you to meet this special lovebug in person!

Meet Odin

Hey, Odin!! Whatcha doin'? Running? Playing? Hanging out with your fur and human buddies? We all know that resilient person in our lives - the one who bounces back from anything and everything, dusts themselves off and just keeps on going with a positive attitude. Imagine that person in a dog's body, and that's Odin!

Odin was abandoned at a local kennel when it was closed one night. When the kennel owner came the next morning to feed and turnout the dogs, she realized she had one more. Despite the cruel act bestowed upon him, Odin met the kennel owner with "wiggle butt" and a smile the size of Texas!

Odin is being fostered through ACAP at the kennel, but obviously that cannot be his home. A dog like Odin deserves to be in a loving, permanent home, and preferably one that is active and likes to take Odin with them on camping, hiking, or walking adventures. Odin's life is just beginning and it's all roses from here on out. He doesn't know it, but Odin will be neutered, vaccinated and tested for parasites, heartworm and Lyme's Disease. We will just keep that to ourselves so as not to spoil his fun!

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