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Published: March 16, 2014

I've Been Adopted!

QUICK UPDATE - 13 MAY 2014: Colleen's sister has been adopted, but she loves, loves, loves to play with her new foster brother, Gunner, who is also available for adoption from BREW!

30 MARCH 2014: Colleen is a very happy little – well at 30 pounds, not so little – beagle girl.  She came to her foster home a week ago with Delaney.  They both settled in very quickly.  Colleen is the more confident of the two, but she still has moments of being unsure of what is going on (If I go out do I get to come back in? or Not sure I want to go in that room).  Of course, meal time and treats bring out the confident, happy little girl that she is.  She does eat fast, but rare is the beagle that doesn’t.  Colleen is also housetrained.  She hasn’t started to signal at her foster home – and we get the crew out fairly frequently whether they ask or not.  So far, she has spent her time cuddled with a person or sister Delaney.  Of course, the weather this weekend hasn’t been the best for going outside to explore.  She isn’t a big barker, but does occasionally have a conversation with me. She gets along well with the dogs in the house and the cats are fine with her too.  She will bark at the cats a bit and wag her tail in play and they just look at her as if to say not interested - but she doesn’t make them wary or uncomfortable.  Colleen and Delaney slept quietly in the kennel their first night here but graduated to the bedroom when I realized they are housetrained.

27 MARCH 2014: They have only recently moved into a foster home, but Colleen's foster mom reports that she and her sister, Delaney are very sweet, seem to be house-trained, and are cat-tested and approved!

Original info: Colleen, a sweet tri-color beagle girl of 30 pounds and 3 years, came to BREW from Lexington, VA. She is very comfortable with people and loves to look deep into your eyes. She gets along well with other dogs and walks nicely on lead (however, like most beagles, will pull when she gets a scent). She travels well in her crate, keeps it clean, and keeps quiet. Colleen would be a shoe-in for Miss Congeniality if it weren't for her rescue partner, Delaney. Between the two of them it is a photo-finish.

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  2. Christine

    Colleen is beautiful. Where is she located?

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Christine, Colleen is in foster care in the DC metro area. If you’d like to be considered for her, please submit an adoption application on our website. Thanks!

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