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Published: March 31, 2011

I've Been Adopted!



Age: 2 years

Gender: Female

Note from Clover:  I would like a forever home but right now I would like to see this *thing* they call Lucy get a new home.  I was a diva just a few short weeks ago.  I need my diva status back!  Following rules and working for attention is just too much work during the holidays so please someone take her home for Christmas.

Clover has come a long way in her foster home.  She is learning that people over 4 feet tall are OK.    She just loves children.   Clover loves to run and wrestle with her foster canine brother.

She is a delicately made little girl with a darling underbite which gives her face such personality. She looks tall because she is so petite-ly made. She is about 22 pounds. Clover has arthritic front shoulders – due to a birth defect - she takes medication to slow down progress of the arthritis.

She loves to cuddle and will sit in your lap. She has learned give  her paw and to give a kiss. She loves to play with toys but doesn't rip them apart! She is so smart and sweet but has her Diva side too. She is a little shy at first, but loves people, loves to bake in the sun -like most beagles. We would love to see her go to a person/family who likes to take short walks as her joints need the activity to keep them health.

Sponsored By:

  • Pamela Sauer - Merry Christmas Clover. We hope you find a good home soon. Love Danielle Age 5.
  • Rita Brown - In Honor of  Tasso

8 Responses

  1. EJ

    Very happy to see clover was adopted!! I hope she has a great life

  2. EJ

    What’s the update on clover? Has she ever been adopted?

    • Missy

      Clover is still available for adoption. She is doing very well with her walking and she is learning that people can be nice to her.

  3. EJ

    What is the latest on Clover. Has she been adopted?

    • Laura

      Clover is still available. More on her shortly.

  4. Evan

    I am interested in meeting this dog. Where do I go to meet her and/or who do I contact? Thanks,

  5. Susan Hurst

    Clover is a cutie! I met her at the March adoption day event in Newark, DE and she is something. As her foster mom said, she’s a cuddler, and has her diva side. This special girl has a lot of love and laughter to give in her new forever home.

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