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Published: December 8, 2013

I've Been Adopted!Claus

Age: 2 years

Gender: Male

UPDATE 4/15/2014: Claus is a sweet little boy who after 8 weeks of living with me has finally come out of his shell.  We have nicknamed him thumper because of the little prance that he does when you walk in the door or he gets excited. If he could smile I think he would walk around with a smile on his face all day and of course the tail wagging.  He loves to follow his big sister into the back yard and run along the face barking at whatever might be on the other side.  When we go for walks he walks to my right staying very close barely pulling at all.  He now will jump up in my lap for an ear rub and as well as a good nap.  He sleeps well during the night either on the floor or next to me in bed.  He still does have a little fear of strangers, but he is getting better.

He does have a couple of issues, like all beagles loves to eat and has mastered knocking over the dog food container where ever I place it, unlocking the snap lock, opening the  lid and eating his fill.  He at times has problems with house training while I’m at work and we had to crate him, if your home it is not an issue.  He is also a master at escape and has dug out of my fenced in yard, but always comes back when you call. I have had to place him on a lead and keep an eye on him when he is outside.  I would suggest, either walking him to relieve himself or an electric fence, he is a fast learner and I think would get the hang of not leaving the yard in a short period of time.

Claus is a special little boy and I hope to find him a very loving home.  I think he would be fine on his own or with another dog.

UPDATE - 1 MARCH 2014: Claus is a very special little boy. He has been with me three weeks now and road in the car with no fuss for an hour. Not sure what his background is, but it is obvious that he has not been around people or in a loving home.  He (wearing red collar in the photos with two dogs) loves to follow his big sister (my beagle Lilly) around, but is not comfortable with people yet.   He is very shy and runs for the hills when you approach him.  He is not a lap dog, but will lay quietly in the room as long as something does not scare or approach him.   He has a fenced in yard to wander around in, but when it is time to come in, half of the time I have to open the door and walk almost out of site before he will come in.  When going for a walk on a leash, he will not go potty, and each time a car approached, he froze and shook until the car was out of site.  At this point he is not comfortable playing with Lilly or myself.  When mealtime comes around, I have to put the bowl down and walk away before he will eat.  He is very afraid of new people and kids.

Despite his past, he is a very sweet boy, but right now he will require lots of patience, understanding and love.  I think he would best in a home where people have had a dog before or currently have a dog.  A forever home with no live-in kids or a couple who are empty nesters who would be looking for a little guy to spoil.

If you have enough patience to give him the time and attention he needs you would get a very special little boy.  I know in the right home he will come out of his shell and become a happy go lucky little guy.  I have seen big changes since he has been here, but he still has a ways to go.

Original info: Claus is a 2-year-old male beagle.  He was picked up as a stray in Louisa County with Holly and Christmas.  He is friendly, but his history is unknown. He will be available for adoption once he is fully vetted. Stay tuned for more information as we get to know Claus better!

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  1. Jan and Mark Rodgers

    Hey we adopted Holly (now Haylee) on March 15, 2014 and if they are related, she is a wonderful dog! Yes it has taken 3 months to get acclimated. She did not know anything when we got her. She did not even know how to go up and down steps. But she has become a sweetie. Took her longer to warm up to males than females. Actually she was better with other dogs than people. We used to walk her and walk her and walk her and she would not go to the bathroom. We discovered that she separates walks from doing her business. So in the morning we put her out on a leash, she goes out and pees and poos. Comes in then I take her for a walk in a completely different area..It works and we don’t have to worry about why she is not going. But she is a lap dog and loves to be petted a lot. Loves her baths. She is crated when we go out and she can roam the house with no problems as we as we have her on a schedule. I have left her uncrated for short periods, hoping they will get longer and longer. Just thought if they are related….Holly (now Haylee) is a great dog.

    • ErinS

      Hi, Jan and Mark – thanks for the great update on Haylee and words of wisdom for folks who may be interested in adopting a timid dog like Claus!

  2. linda schofer

    We might also be interested in Claus. We do not have another dog but we are empty nesters who walk our dogs quite frequently.

    • Laura w/ BREW


      Have you applied to BREW via our adoption application? If not, please do so.

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