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Published: April 4, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Age: 1 year

Gender: Female

Labor Day Update:  I’m Cindy (aka Cindy Lou).  Thought I’d provide a brief update for BNN (BREW News Network).

I can’t believe summer is almost over—and what a crazy month we have had.  First, the ground started shaking and stuff fell on my head when I was sound asleep.  Six months ago that would have seriously freaked me out but Foster Mom said I took it “all in stride.”  Then there was a lot of talk about somebody named Irene.  That meant I got to spend a lot of time with Foster Pop on the sofa ‘cause we couldn’t go out for a walk.  Snoopy loved supper time; I LUV walks—short walks, long walks, or hilly walks.  I just can’t get enough of ‘em.

Foster Mom and Pop think I’ve really turned “the” corner because I am much more “interactive/engaged” with people these days--at least that’s what they say.  I think that’s a good thing.  I’m far more interested in meeting people outside and I’m getting more comfortable when they meet me in my house.  I’m a pretty typical happy young girl beagle at home.  Foster Pop says I'm doing great in the housebreaking department.

I love to run around the backyard with Foster Pop.  And, at times, I can even get my foster sister beagles to play with me.  I’m quite the athlete!

Foster Mom and Pop have been great but it’s time for me to find my forever home!

Previously:  Hi:  I’m Cindy, or Cindy Lou (Hoo) as my foster pop calls me.  I’m a 1.5 to 2 year old dark chocolate tri-color (my description) with the all-terrain paw upgrade.  Thus, I’m both beautiful and functional.  With my big paws, I don’t get bogged down in the sand and mud like the standard beagle model—at least that’s what my foster family tells me.

I’ve been in foster care for almost four months now.  Life wasn't so great for me before I joined the BREW team.  Thus, I really needed to be in a stable, quiet household where I could get used to having people around me all of the time--and build my confidence.  Seems to have worked; Foster mom and pop tell me that I’m doing a lot better.  They say I smile and wag my tail more and more every day.  Foster pop's hand has become my favorite chew toy!  I’m still pretty shy with folks I don’t know but I’m getting more comfortable with strangers.  I get along great with my two foster sisters.  Helen (aka “Diva”) was a bit snippy with me at first but I didn’t let it bother me.  Vera (aka Princess) has rural roots just like me—so she’s been a big help in making me more comfortable in the suburbs.  She’s got big paws too!

Foster pop used to say that I was bad (comically bad to be precise) on walks but he doesn’t say that anymore.  I think it’s because I’ve learned to trot along with the rest of the family.  I love running around in the fenced in backyard but I wish my foster sisters would play with me more.  Foster pop tells me that they are just old fuddy duddies.  Not sure what a fuddy duddy is.  I'd like to have more lively playmates.

Foster mom works at home so I don’t spend much time in a crate—but I’m well behaved when I do have to spend a little time in one.  I’ve never quite understood the term “housebroken” but I can tell you that I’m good about doing my business outside—and I’ve even started emptying while on the leash.  Note that I said while on the leash, not on the leash.

Foster pop says I have a special "inner beauty."  I think it's time for me to find my forever home.

Original info: Cindy is a 1yr old female beagle.  She is very expressive but not very vocal, friendly and playful, does very well with other dogs but was a stray at the Louisa County Animal Shelter so her history is unknown.




6 Responses

  1. Mary Catherine

    Well my husband let the beans spill and told me we are adopting Cindy!! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. She will be a part of a very loving forever family!!

  2. Jonathan

    Cindy has had a fun two weeks! She really enjoyed having the extended family around for Thanksgiving–what a change from the summer. And, she’s really lovin’ the warm and dry weather–lots of walks, lots of running around the backyard chasing her beloved rubber chicken toy, and lots of time “helping” foster pop rake leaves–or at least jumping in the leaf piles.

    Right now, she’s sleeping on the sofa all wrapped around her foster sister, Vera.

  3. Bethany

    Hi Mike Edlheit
    If you have not already found a beagle, Cindy will be at the Nov 12 adoption day. Please come meet her.

  4. Jonathan

    Cindy Lou is loving the fall weather as our whole beagle gang goes out for hearty walks in the evening. She’ll be present at the Dale City adoption day, Nov 12.

  5. mike edelheit

    how is cindy doing, is she still available for adoption, do you have any additional pics

  6. Bethany

    Cindy is having a good week here in Foster-land! She as been for walks, had a good chase around the yard with our beagle girl, and is now sleeping on the sofa! She is a dear girl but still painfully shy around people. Does great with other dogs! More photos to come!

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