Cindy Lou

Age: 2 Years Gender: Female
FemaleGood with dogsHas a cluesmallyoung
Published: August 24, 2016

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 7 OCTOBER 2016: Cindy Lou is doing very well, she's all of 12 pounds of wiggles, and she will definitely sing for her supper.  Although she loves her crate, we are still working on her crate training, but she's coming along well. She has done very well with her house training with the occasional accident if not kept on a schedule.  She is very friendly, playful and gets along great with my other dogs.  This little girl has come a long way and deserves a little TLC.

23 SEPTEMBER 2016: Cindy Lou is on the road to recovery. She now weighs 12 pounds and is looking good!!!  She is super sweet, submissive, playful, loves toys, bones, plays very well with other dogs, and LOVES FOOD!!!  She's doing pretty well with house-training, but is not totally there yet. Cindy Lou crates well but still has accidents. We believe part of it is that she is currently fed a lot due to her once poor condition.  Her food intake is starting to be reduced, which is expected to help with house-training. Cindy Lou still has some vetting to take care of, but she will be available soon!

AUGUST 2016: Cindy Lou is a young, small, very skinny female who currently weighs around 9-10 pounds. She is estimated to be about 2 years old, although she may appear older than she is due to poor care and diet. Cindy Lou is super sweet and submissive.  She was a stray in Louisa County, Virginia, and her history is unknown.


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  1. Kt

    Will this little cutie be at HoundFest this weekend?

    • Erin

      Hi, and sorry about the delay. Cindy Lou is still undergoing some veterinary treatment, so I believe that she was unable to attend Beaglefest for that reason.

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