Cindy has come full circle

Published: January 24, 2013

Mary Catherine and I have been wanting to send out an update email to you on Cindy for a while now but wanted to get through the holiday season first.Cindy6
Cindy has come full circle. She is still a little shy around strangers but we have been bringing her to the dog park and walking her near crowded places so she becomes more and more comfortable around people. She does walk right up to people smells them and then steps back if they go to pet her, but sometimes she let's people pet her if she finds the right scent on them.  She loves to see other dogs during our walks and plays a lot with them during our dog park visits. Cindy can sure run fast and makes the other dogs work to play with her.
Cindy loved being outside during the summer on our back patio. She found a nice spot on our patio furniture to lay on while dad cooked on the grill. She thought that dad was always making burgers and steaks for her. MC would read in the early evenings while Cindy laid next to her. Cindy even helped dad pull weeds out of the garden all though I think she was just digging for buried treasures. Our cat, Marley, and Cindy get along great. MC and I always want to put up a camera during the day to see what they do all day while we are at work. But Marley licks Cindy every now and then when he finds she needs a little cleaning behind her ears and Cindy loves to smell the cat food scent on Marley.
Cindy has traveled with us to Salem, Va to meet her grandparents, Mary Catherine's parents, and loves to pick up the scent of rabbits in the fields. She doesn't bark at all but when finds a good scent of a rabbit she howls. They also have a beagle that they rescued named Trixie. Cindy loves playing with Trixie and after a day of walking and playing you can find them laying next to one another on the couch.
Cindy also traveled to Connecticut to visit her other set of grandparents, my family, and all though they have never had a dog in the home welcomed Cindy with open arms. I think in one of the photos you can see the dog bone carpet and toy she got for Christmas. MC's parents got her a slipper toy which was a relief so Cindy stops hiding my slippers on me . She also got to experience some snow in CT and loved running around in it and playing in the snow. Cindy doesn't mind walking in the elements as long as it isn't raining hard.
On Cindy's one year anniversary with us, Mary Catherine bought doggie cupcakes from Sprinkles in Georgetown for her. I have never seen her eat so fast, she loved them.
All in all - Cindy has become a wonderful addition to our family. I know that when I come home from work she is sitting in the window watching me park, walk up to the door and then runs down the stairs to greet me. After she has gone for a walk and been fed, she waits for mom to come home and is just as excited to have everyone home. If Mary Catherine and I have had a bad days at work Cindy quickly turns our bad day into a great evening. Her unconditional love and joy to be here with us makes us grin from ear to ear.
We thank you for taking such good care of her until she found her forever home with us. Please feel free to use the pictures for the BREW Website if you wish for any updates.
Hope all is well with you all and I hope you have a wonderful New Year.
- Your fellow Beagle Lovers,
Chris and Mary Catherine Yeakel

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