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Published: March 5, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 9 APRIL 2018: Chuck recognizes that he is the apple of his foster parents' eyes. We are so proud of all the progress he has made adapting to human living, and how he has grown in confidence and calmness.

UPDATE - 2 APRIL 2018: Chuck is making great strides adapting to domestic life. He no longer assumes that everything on the counter is his for the taking and has curtailed his leaps onto the kitchen table. Since he started wearing a front ring harness, Chuck has become a delight to walk on the leash. He has protected our house from the threat of all bird attacks. Chuck has made his first foray into doggie daycare and has proved to be a very sociable guy, loved by all. Here he is scouting out the location for Beaglefest where he hopes to meet everyone on April 21st; he can't wait!

UPDATE - 21 MARCH 2018: Chuck visited the vet recently who told us that at 21 pounds, Chuck needs to gain four pounds. Chuck's response: "Finally! A vet I can trust!"
Extra attention needs to be paid around doors as Chuck will scoot out for an adventure; the open road does call to him. At the same time, Chuck loves to sleep in our bed, and also to remake it. While I am sleeping I can feel him stealthily moving the covers and then I have to wake up and give him the head noogie that he asked for. Chuck continues to be the premier bird watcher, as pictured; he spots birds in their nests and outside, walks on his hind legs to let them know who's boss. Chuck is a favorite of the neighborhood kids. He sits in their laps and kisses their faces.

UPDATE - 17 MARCH 2018: Who knew that Chuck, or Chuckles as we call him because that's what he causes, would turn out to be a champion cuddler? Or that he would revel in full body massages? Chuck continues to be a dedicated hard player who is learning house etiquette as long as it includes standing in the middle of the kitchen table.

UPDATE - 13 MARCH 2018 (from Chuck's new foster family): How many times have you wished for a dog with all the cuteness and energy of a puppy but with the size and house smarts of an adult dog? Bored? Wishing someone would crash your dinner party? Look no further than Chuck! Able to leap baby gates in a single bound. With an energy dial always set at 11, Chuck is a bird lovers dream. He loves chasing and barking at birds. He also digs hopping up on chairs and tables, into refrigerators and dish washers. Vacuums don't faze Chuck. He gets along really well with his canine house mates, and spends the night (and our meal times!) quietly in the crate. Chuck loves kids and the feeling is mutual; when our young neighbor led Chuck around, I noted that he modulated his enthusiasm and walked quietly. He is quiet in the house but zooms around the backyard; he adores stretching his legs.

UPDATE - 10 MARCH 2018: Chuck went to his new foster home today. He was able to join us at the adoption event where he was full of energy! Stay tuned as we learn more about Chuck from his new foster family.

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS: Chuck is a 5 year old neutered male who is fully vetted and available for fostering or adoption. He is friendly and good with people and other dogs. We don’t know a lot about him. He was a stray from Abingdon, Virginia, so his history is unknown.

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