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Published: February 24, 2014

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 22 MARCH 2016: Choco has has been in the BREW system for 2 years due to anxiety issues, so he needs a special home. He is currently enjoying his freedom at his foster home.  He used to bark a lot to go in and out but a doggie door has now fixed that.  Turns out that's all he really needed (doggie door) for his energy level, along with some canine friends to entertain him.  He's a little needy and likes being close to his person or family.  He's so snuggly that sleeping in bed at night with his person would almost be required!  He is also very very food driven so feeding him separately from other pets would be necessary.. He's little guy  -  about 20 pounds - and is neutered and house broken.

4 MARCH 2016: Choco was in my home for quite a few months and did very well.  He is a very affectionate and active beagle that is great with people and other dogs.  He is food focused which makes getting him in his crate easy but he would not be suitable for a home with small children (he'd be stealing their cookies!).  He's a beagle that knows what he wants, when he wants and at times can be a little vocal so he would not be suitable for an apartment.  Even though having a little bit of anxiety issue, he crates very well and is house-trained.  He would most benefit in a home with a dog door that would allow him access to a fenced yard whenever he wants or when he is not crated.  He could also benefit from an active home that would take him for daily walks or jogging.  Having his quirks, he is not your average idea of a beagle but he is very much a beagle of routine and at the end of the day he settles down very nicely.  He is still a very nice and deserving boy.

29 NOVEMBER 2014: Choco has moved from the kennel into his caretaker's house and she says, "Choco is doing better in the house.  He has anxiety issues , so I have tried different things before resorting to meds.  I was a little skeptical at first, but I got him a "Thunder Shirt" and it seems to help a great deal.  He is pretty food focused when food is around but now lays around with the other dogs in the house.  He is almost completely house-trained, affectionate, likes to chew on bones, and plays with Sandy on occasion."

Original info: Choco is a 2-year-old neutered beagle boy who is fully vetted and ready for a forever home.  He is friendly but very active and food driven.  He gets along well with other dogs.  He was a stray at the Culpeper (Virginia) Animal Shelter so his history is unknown.

4 Responses

  1. Fred

    Is this little fella still available? If so I will pick him up ASAP!!!

    • Erin

      Hi, Fred – Choco is still available. Please see above for an update on him. If you are interested in adoption, the first step is to fill out BREW’s application. More information on the adoption process can be found HERE. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Maricela Ayala

    Hi i would like to know more about Choco, is he still up for adoption ?

    • Erin

      Hi, Maricela – Choco is available, but he is currently at a kennel awaiting a foster home, so we do not know much about him yet.

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