Chloe Has a Home For Life

Published: April 16, 2011

In February 2002, our beloved beagle girl Jenny who was our friend and companion for 16 years became very ill and it was necessary to put her to sleep. As the days passed, we felt her loss more and more. We missed the daily walks with Jenny and her greeting every time we walked in the door and the company that a beagle provides. We decided that we would adopt our next beagle from either a shelter or a rescue organization.

Through the Internet we discovered B.R.E.W. and started our search. There are so many wonderful beagles in need of homes; we knew that there was one just for us. When I read about Chloe (formerly Flo) I knew that she was the dog for us. I called her foster mother on a Wednesday and she brought Chloe to us the following Sunday. It was love at first sight! Chloe’s face was so kind and gentle she became one of the family instantly. (I think Chloe adopted us) The cat did not agree at first, but now they are friends and even sleep together in Chloe’s bed. We love to take Chloe to a campus nearby and let her romp through the grass (on a long leash). She loves to chase the squirrels up trees and follow her nose wherever it takes her. She really enjoys a good game of “fetch the stuffed animal” indoors too.

Chloe has been with us for just over a month and she really has become a member of the family. Chloe is such a wonderful dog I cannot imagine why anyone would have voluntarily left her at a shelter but I am very glad they did. Chloe has a home for life!

My family and I wish to thank Melissa, Chloe’s foster mother, for bringing her to us and for the B.R.E.W. organization for their dedication to the beagle breed.

by Margaret, Judy and Chris Capra

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