Published: April 22, 2011

Chief is the Executive Vice President in Charge of Morale

Richard Boblitz

We have changed Chief's name to Buddy. He has gone to the Vets and is in good health with a excellent weight of 31.5#. Buddy loves his new home and parents and we love Buddy. He is like my shadow. He goes everywhere with us. He loves to ride in the car and play with is new ball.

By the way Buddy is working in the company I own (United Claims Adjusters Inc.) as our new Executive Vice President in charge of Morale. His salary is all inclusive room and board with his choice of treats. Buddy goes to the bank and the everyone at the bank loves him. He has his own blanket on which he sleeps. I have been meaning to talk to Buddy about his napping during work hours as I have caught him sleeping during the majority of the day. I guess he figures the only morale he has to keep high is mine and that doesn't take very long.

Well got to run. By the way Buddy says hi and I caught him emailing his foster mom Amanda just the other day. Didn't know he could type. I will have to expand his duties.

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  1. Keli

    Lol, this is adorable.

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