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Published: March 8, 2014

I've Been Adopted!Chelsea and her new brother!

Age: 9 years

Gender: Female

UPDATE - 1 MAY 2014: Chelsea has been a SUPER-STAR of a foster dog in her nearly two months in our home! She has 8.5 years of pet experience, and it shows – no accidents, no chewing other than toys, plays well with others, sleeps through the night, listens well most of time, etc. Chelsea had previously been an only dog, but she has blended well with our three-dog, three-cat household, and she recently spent a week in another foster home with two much older female beagles and had a great time. She does have some fairly common, beagle-y traits, but these have been minor in our household - barking when she sees other dogs outside and when we come home, pulling a bit on the leash, and some stubbornness, especially outside. But – she is adorable, especially when she plays one-ended (no return) fetch with her favorite bunny toy! We really enjoy having Chelsea around, and she would be a great addition to a home looking for a friendly, but not over-bearing, house-savvy gal who loves to go for daily walks. Chelsea is quite a catch!

23 MARCH 2014: Chelsea has been in her foster home for two weeks now, and she has settled in very nicely, despite an above-average level of chaos in a household that includes three other dogs (all male), three cats, and two humans. She continues to get along well with our pets and hasn't given up on trying to get the other dogs to play with her. Chelsea will play some through the fence with our neighbors’ young, female bulldog. She also likes dog toys, and we've found that she loves to be out in the snow! Yesterday, Chelsea traveled with us to visit friends with three children, ages 4-6, and she was very gentle and friendly with them and had no problems napping while they were playing loudly. She was very interested in some of the kids’ toys, but after we put away the most interesting ones, she left them alone. Chelsea is completely house-trained and crate-trained. In fact, she very much likes sleeping in the crate on her own, and we no longer shut the crate door at night. She has shown no interest in the furniture, but does enjoy a good dog bed. She has done well when left out with the other dogs for a few hours, but we do crate her while we are gone for longer periods of time (the resident dogs can be grumps). Chelsea is very vocal from the crate when we come home, and she will bark at dogs from the yard and on walks. Speaking of the yard and walks, Chelsea loves to be outside! She has quite a bit of endurance, although she is also a bit of a puller on the leash. If I didn’t have her records, I’d guess that she was a few years younger based on her energy level and playfulness. Chelsea is an all-around great gal, and she would be a great addition to a home with at least one family member willing and able to walk her daily. If you think Chelsea may be the one for you, please fill out an application!

8 MARCH 2014: Chelsea came back to BREW this week and just arrived in her new foster home last night. She is a beautiful, 9-years-young, liver tri-colored girl who tips the scales at about 28 pounds. Chelsea (formerly "Sassy") was originally adopted from BREW in 2005 at about six months of age, and her owner recently made the difficult decision to return her due to changes in living situation and work schedule. Chelsea is still settling in to her foster home, but she has been good overall with the three resident dogs (all males, 15-60 pounds) and has ignored the cats. She does need to work a bit on her boundaries with the other (occasionally grumpy) dogs, but she has been nothing but friendly with them and very respectful when they give her warning growls. Chelsea seems to be in excellent physical shape and easily went on a brisk two-mile walk last night and a slightly shorter walk this morning. She could use a refresher on the leash, though, and is quite enthusiastic about being out in front. She has also enjoyed investigating the yard. Chelsea slept quietly in her crate overnight and appears (not surprisingly) to be house-trained. She is responsive to basic verbal commands (“sit,” “back up,” “no”/”un-uh”, etc.). She also has a lovely beagle voice, which she has already used to express her dislike of northern Virginia traffic, say hello to neighborhood dogs, and announce people walking by or at the front door. Stay tuned for more information on Chelsea as we get to know her better!

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